Monday, November 15, 2010

Bad things happen when there's nothing to watch on telly.

It's hard work being A Lady.


Kristine said...

It is indeed. My sympathies. ;-)

Chapeuzinho said...

I thought getting your mails done was a treat?

Edie said...

I love your long-suffering look, especially in the last and third to last photo. It's a tough life, isn't it?

georgia little pea said...

thank you for your comments. i don't understand why my nails don't automatically get short since i run around and play so much. isn't that what's supposed to happen? thank goodness for auntie fran's nail file. that evil clipper should be tossed and burned at the stake.

dear chapeuzinho - i HATE having my nails done. i hope that doesn't mean i'm not really A Lady yet.

dear ms edie - thank you for dropping by!i am a long-suffering dog in many other ways too.