Friday, January 22, 2010

My little corner of the world.

I like walks.

I like them at least twice a day.

I like them in the sunshine.
I don't mind them in the rain.

But, as any dog will tell you, it's hard work training humans to feel the same way.

"Is it time already? Are you sure?" they plead.

"We have no life, Georgia Little Pea! Wouldn't you rather sit in a cafe,
with a crusty toasted ham and cheese croissant, cool water on the side?"

"How about a little snooze?"

"Maybe watch TV - Dogtown's on!"

"NOT YET!" I bark at them LOUDLY to be sure they hear me, "there's plenty of time to sit around when I get old, don't you know?"

"Where's my collar? Where's my leash? What are we waiting for?"

"Open the door! Open the gate! LET'S GO!"

And because the humans are responding really well to training...

...they do.



If YOU like to walk too...


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