Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sometimes, the weatherman gets it right. Blast it.

Severe Weather Warning -
Metro, South Coast and Illawarra

8 March 2012, 5:00AM AET

Issued by the Bureau of Meteorology 4:16am on Thursday 8 March, 2012
A deepening low over the central Tasman Sea is moving towards the southern NSW coast. By midday Thursday the low is expected to have developed two centres, one off the Illawarra coast and another that will cross the NSW south coast south of about Batemans Bay. By late Thursday the system will begin to move back away from the coast and conditions will ease.

Rain and thunderstorms are forecast for the Metropolitan, South Coast and Illawarra forecast districts. Localised HEAVY RAIN may lead to FLASH FLOODING in these areas.

No kidding.  

"What's that?"
"How was my walk?"
"you know, i knew we were in trouble the moment we set out..blah..blah..and then the water started running everywhere and it was so wet! my toes are filthy! look at them! you know how i hate being dirty and muddy! blah blah..."
"...none of my friends were there! blah...i mean, who would be stupid enough to drag a dog out in this rain? what was the point of it all? blah blah blah ...i could have drowned! i'm telling you, Typist...the Cushion is mad. mad! blah blah..."
"...and by the way, why am i still sitting here with this soggy coat on? is there some good reason? like, do you guys want me to catch cold or something?..."
"Thank you. That's much better. You can dry me off now if you like."

"Arrrrgh!!! Too rough! Too rough! What's wrong, Typist? Haven't you had your coffee yet this morning?"

"Yes, please let The Cushion do it."
"Gentle okay?"
"That was lovely. Thank you Cushion."

"Say, are those my treats on the counter?"
"Can I have one for being good?"


Rainy day week month year tit bits.
+ SES advice on how to keep your pets safe during a flood.

+ What some spiders did during the flood.

Guess what all this white stuff is.

If you guessed water, you're wrong.


NOTE at 1.45pm  If you thought you saw this post published some hours back and then it disappeared, that would be right. The Blogger video sucked bigtime and I had to upload a Youtube version and somewhere during the delicate procedure, Blogger/Youtube/The Internet failed. My apologies if this popped up several times on your whatever feed/reader.


Scrappy said...

oh my a bath walk...that just give me nightmares to think about that happening! good thing you were able to get home and get a treat after all that. darn weather people. usually they are wrong!

ra husky said...

Ew, we don't like the rain very much precious~we prefer the frozen kind of water BOL!! RA, Isis & Nanuk

houndstooth said...

That's crazy! We've had insane weather here, too! Georgia, I think the weather gods have gone mad!

Mom said she and her friend were just looking at those spiderweb pictures at work this afternoon. *shudder* She said that's the stuff of nightmares!


verobirdie said...

Those pictures of Georgia are very expressive...
Please keep those spiders downunder. Poor farmer, it must have been a shock when he opened his windows

bermtopia said...

liking the freek-ing spider web landscape.

Very sincerely yours Mrs. B --

Get over yourself and buck up, Missus. These drenched people need a proper sign-off:

Eternally yours in gentle rub-downs after bad weather.

P.S. I occasionally eat spiders in the basement.

Ben in Bermtopia

georgia little pea said...

Dear Mr Ben, you would NOT want to eat the spiders here. There are many bad ones that will kill ya or make ya really sick. I'm not allowed near spiders eva. Please be nice to your Missus. She's okay and cleaned up your bathroom rage mess. You have to be polite to the help. I should know. Big hug then, Georgia x

What Remains Now said...

Typist...I think you have been properly told off.

Petntek said...

Phew! Good thing you had your rain jacket on. Have you been able to get all the mud out of your toes? I hope so. Most certainly the weather should improve soon. Maybe March is coming in like a lion, and will go out like a lamb.

Kristine said...

Snow! Did you actually get snow? Or is that icing sugar?

Georgia really is a complainer, though. At least she gets a rain coat. We normally make Shiva walk in the rain naked.
Ah well, GLP is cute and silly so I will forgive her. Besides, I hate the rain too.

Pamela said...

Poor Georgia. I have never seen such an unhappy expression on a dog in my life.

I hope you remember how to do it again. I suspect it could be very useful.

I found myself instantly getting up to look for a little piece of liver before I realized you were so far away that by the time it got to you it would be moldy from all the web.

georgia little pea said...

If she hadn't gotten a walk, it would have been much worse. She throws tantrums and gives us the cold shoulder when she doesn't get to go out. LOL. Yes, I'm afraid we may have raised A Somewhat Petulant Dog ;p

georgia little pea said...

Ms Tonks! You didn't click on the link! Hrrrumph. I'm not telling you what it is ;)

georgia little pea said...

Oh hello Petntek! Thanks for reading and commenting :)

If only that were true about the weather but I'm not holding my breath this year. I sound just like Georgia these days ... whinge whinge whine lol.

yuki and rocket said...

poor thing, that raincoat served no purpose being soaked like that, did it? we have crazy weather going on over here too, it's been so warm and sunny the past few weeks-now they're talking about a snow possibilty.

Amy said...

Oh Ms Pea, you poor thing! I bet Typist was laughing the whole time she was taking those photos wasn't she? You look absolutely sullen. I hope you got a bunch of treats to make up for the Typist's poor judgement. :-)

Karen Friesecke said...

Oh man, GLP looks SUPER sucky in her rain coat!! I think this time she's got Jersey beat on suck factor :0

Those are spider webs, aren't they?

Patrice and Higgins said...

Oh how I hate going out in the rain! Poor least you got a treat!


H and Flo said...

Hope you've started to dry out... I heard about all the rain you've had on the radio... sounds very very soggy. And aren't those little money spiders amazing????!!!!

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

OMG--what a face! You have truly captured some special moments there. Looks like SOMEONE will be glad when the dry weather returns. Stay safe out there.

chandra said...

That's what it's like every day walking in Portland during the winter, GLP! Ugh. Gross. And shudder to think.

-c at ddy.

Shawn Finch, DVM said...

Oh Georgia Little Pea, you need to write a photo story book! You are too cute! Sorry to hear about the wet paws! There is nothing worse than wet feet!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Georgia,
Did you know that seeing your photos and reading your thoughts always brighten my day?
I hope you, Mom and Dad have a nice weekend.
Kisses and hugs.
Beijos e abraços.

Jean said...

My goodness - somehow I missed this post altogether - it didn't come up on my blogreader even once.
So glad I scrolled down......GLP, Eddie can identify with that look as he is dragged out in his raincoat in the monsoons and looks quite pathetic when we return. Here's hoping you will still get some sunny days this fall and winter. If not, come visit us in the northern hemisphere.