Saturday, October 20, 2012

So, after we cross the road and see the sign...

...I get dumped with all the other dogs at the sidewalk. 

If you ask me, not to be allowed into places like that is diskrimanatory discrimatory  very bad. I'm sure lots of humans dirtier than me are allowed into the market. I bet they don't get hosed down [or their butts wiped] almost every day like I do. And do their beds get washed every fortnight like mine? I think not!

It wasn't always like this! Dogs used to go into the market just a few years ago! and Mr Piglet and Mr T had lots of friends there. 
So here I am, tied up like a dog, waiting patiently for My Cushion. [This picture is an old one, Ms Rose.] 

But I digress.

Since I'm not allowed into the market, I will just show you the piccies and tell you what little I know.
On a nice sunny day, the market can be very crowded.

This is our egg lady. She is wearing a funny fur hat with horns.
This picture was taken a few Saturdays ago when it was still chilly. It's too hot to wear a fur hat with horns today. 

My favourite bloodwood honey comes from this stall. 
I have it with oatmeal when I am sick. Sometimes the Typist steals it for her muesli.

 This is our chorizo roll man. He has a big moustache. 
The rolls are muy delicioso. It is my humans' ritual to eat a chorizo roll with fried onions and chimichurri every Saturday morning and it is my ritual to stare at them until they each give me the last bits of their rolls.  

These are the gözleme ladies. They wear nice scarves.
Gözleme  is Turkish pastry with yummy stuffing and very popular at markets here. Our favourite is spinach and cheese. Most everyone pronounces  gözleme wrong.

Here are some other food stalls. 
In the picture below is something my humans like to eat too much. 
They are called bee stings and are brioche buns with thick cream in the middle and caramelised almond slivers on top. Can you see them? My humans have 1 each every weekend. They used to buy 4. I'm not allowed any. Apparently, I'm on a strict diet but they're not.

There are many fruta and verdura stalls at the market. Not everything is organic but everything is very fresh.

The papas are very exciting, don't you think?

There are other stalls that sell meat! and sausages! and nuts! and juices! and soaps! and clothes! and books! and flowers! and plants! and beads! and toys! but we haven't got any pictures to show you except this one.


I am always happy when Cushion comes to get rescue me from the hard hot sidewalk.
Of course I get a treat for being A Good And Patient Girl.


Here I am, waiting...
...for the last bits of the chorizo rolls. 
"Your turn, Typist."

Did you enjoy your visit to the market? If you want to know how and when to get there for real, CLICK HERE!

I hope you are having a good Saturday. I am right now waiting for my chicken hearts, liver and gizzard treats to finish cooking on the barbie. It's so exciting! I hope they will be delicioso. Hooroo for now! X


Susie-Belle Schnauzer said...

What a great looking market, BUT, BUT, BUT why no dogs? How very mean of those in charge. Hope you got loads of chorizo to make up for human meanness :)

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Been to the Markets today Ms Pea? That's awful that you had to wait on the hot, hard sidewalk. Really what is the world coming to!?
Glad to see you're making your Typist fess up if she's using old photos Ms Pea. Keep 'er on 'er toes I say.
Hahaha the egg lady and the hat, I was scrolling slow-like and thought whatsa matter with that woman, then the photo caption came into view :)
I had two beehives in the suburbs many eons ago, it was the BEST honey ever.
Oh boy I put on a whole kilo just looking at all that YUMMO food!
BEE STINGS!?? are you kidding me? I haven't had a BEE STING since Tasmania!! Drool, dribble.
I enjoyed your Market trip very much Ms Pea (even if you did have to wait outside) :( BUT, you have a great tasty BBQ to look forward to. Have a good one! :)

georgia little pea said...

Hey Susie -Belle, that is a good question. I guess some humans think we're dirty. Boohoo.

Dear Ms Rose, you are giving The Typist a complex. Way to go, lady! I wish I knew what all the fuss is about over bee stings but my humans won't let me eat cream. Big time sucko. My treats are almost ready I think!

Declan said...

Well that looks lovely, but how rubbish is it not to let you in?! We've never been to an outdoor market that didn't allow dogs, but most indoor ones won't let us in.Personally I think they should ban children.... Deccy x

georgia little pea said...

That isn't the only market that's mean like that, Deccy. You can see from the sign that it could be because it's school grounds. There's another market in my neighbourhood that we're not allowed in because it's church grounds. Isn't that bizarre?! We are so unloved.

June said...

Georgia, you have SOME life. You might not get into the market but you get bits of the goodies all the same. Except for those patries. Sorry. But you do get to eat the occasional rotted fish, don't you?

When I heard that in France, dogs but no children are allowed in some restaurants, I wanted to move there immediately.

What Remains Now said...

What a beautiful market! I too think it stinks that dogs are not allowed. You are incredibly patient and good to wait. I'm glad you get a reward for that patience.

Sam said...

I wish dogs could go more places with us!


Jean said...

That looks like a great market! Dogs aren't allowed in the school yards here, but most of the outdoor markets are in fields or parks or in downtown areas (streets closed off) where dogs are allowed. Usually there are too many people for me to want to take Eddie - just in case he mistakes someone's leg for a fire hydrant.
There's a place here that sells bee stings too - I try to avoid going because I have no will power and come away with far more than a bee stings from there - yum yum yum. Hmmm.... I do believe Eddie's clicker classes are just a couple of blocks away from it this morning, and, oh my, we are going to have to drive right past it....or stop for a bee sting.

houndstooth said...

Oh, no way would I wait outside! That's just wrong! But all that food does look and sound delicious.

Bwaaaaa ha ha! I'm still laughing about you thinking Kuster cut a fart at the nursing home! I wouldn't put it past him!


Jan said...

We all got hungry just reading this post and then very sad because we do not live near you and could not go to your market and we have to settle for boring food that we have around here.


georgia little pea said...

Ms June, France did you say? I will work on my humans ASAP.

So did you get a bee sting (or 4) Ms Jean? BWAH haha! :D

Rose ~ from Oz said...

PS: just for me Ms Pea, could you ask Typist next time they are at the market, to check out the potato stall and out of curiosity see if they have a spud called "Dutch Creams". They are the best buttery, creamy all rounder spud that the great Potato God ever made.
We brought seed spuds with us from Tas, and manage to keep ourselves in Dutchies for a good part of the year.

georgia little pea said...

Will do Ms Rose! Our current fave is the Kifler (is that how you spell it?), available from W. We don't eat so many potatoes because... you guessed it... TT thinks they're fattening. I think she's been stung by too many bees.

Amy said...

That market is spectacular! You're going to have to make sure there's one of those wherever your decide to move - if you do.

georgia little pea said...

You're not far wrong, Amy. Markets are high on our list of things to do wherever we travel. Hippie markets, flea markets, antiques, farmer, craft... we love them all!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Love the tour around that market! I could not understand why you are not allowed to walking in the market...
You are so patient and nice to wait.
Beijos e abraços.

Oskar said...

It looks like a great place!

Nubbin wiggles,

Berts Blog said...

Oh that really has my Vickie drooling. All those really cool foods and boy that vegetable table was beautiful.

WE have never heard of all the foods you described, but the description sure wanted us to try them.


Reuben said...

oh, how unfairs! I guess some sausages will has to make up for the discriminatings.


ps I's just started following your blog. It is a very good dogblog!

georgia little pea said...

Eu nao entendo tamben, Señora Sonia. E muito triste.

Hi Reuben! Thanks for visiting and welcome! :D

Dexter said...

How wonderful to meet you. I am filled with sorrow that you were forbidden from entering the land of foodables. Surely you are less likely to spread cooties than those germ infested humans, but some rules must be obeyed. I'm glad you at least scored a small snackie.


Anonymous said...

We want to come visit you so we can go to the market too. Looks awesome!!

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

That does look like an amazing market! Markets are my fave but most of the ones around here are dog-free too, sadly.

LetterstoAndrew said...

I just don't understand why you are delegated to sit on the hot, hard sidewalk, don't those vendors know you can really influence your humans to buy things? I mean really, all you'd have to do is lick a roll and boom, the humans have to buy it!

georgia little pea said...

Hello Dexter Wonder Pea, I am most excited that you dropped by. My vocabulary is already improving as I have learnt a new word "cooties". Woohoo! Me like.

Roxy the travelling dog, what a wonderful idea. Directions on the link. You might have to google the flight bit :)

LTA, that is so true! If I were a stall owner, I would INSIST on dogs being in the market. Sadly, many humans lack business acumen.

chandra said...

I have to go eat something RIGHT NOW and pretend that it is every single thing pictured (soy versions of course)

Bits are better than nothin', GLP! Way better!

-c at ddy.