Friday, October 19, 2012

Saturday ritual.

The Chinese star jasmines are out now! It smells very nice on my street.
It's jacaranda time too!


It's Saturday again tomorrow! 

Every Saturday, I go for an extra long walk, usually to Callan Park. The park is very big and there are many things to do there. 
I can hunt possums!
If you like, you can read about one of my possum hunts with Mr T  >>> HERE.
Nice humans leave water bowls about for us dogs so we don't have to worry about being thirsty.

I can play hide and seek! Can you see me?
Here I am!


This big field sometimes has snakes when The People In Charge Of These Things don't keep the grass short. I'm not allowed there when there are snakes.
This is where the community garden is. I think Something Serious is happening there because there's a big fence all around it.
This is the name of the garden. Maybe some bad human broke the sign, or maybe it just got too old.

One of the humans there sometimes gives us vegies to bring home. Once, she gave us 2 big packets of seeds from the garden. The Typist put them in pots but we haven't got anything to eat yet. I hate to be a pessimist but we probably never will. 
Can you see me checking out my favourite fruta? I hope the human gives us some plátanos one day.


How cool is this picnic table? It is very retro.
Maybe I shouldn't have dirtied it.
One part of Callan has bamboos and palm trees and a smelly drain to splash in.
It is a nice cool place in summer. Otherwise, it is quite boring. The Typist likes to play hide and seek here. Despite the smelly drain, she is too easy to find.

Look at how big the bamboos are! They only look nice from far away because some humans have cut their names into them.


There are 2 beaches in Callan. They are little but nice.
NOTE! These pictures were taken last summer because I didn't go there that day. I am putting them here just to show you how nice the beaches are. I have to tell you this because some of you are very painful sharp and have been questioning asking The Typist why I am wearing different collars in my pictures.
After our walk in Callan, we usually go up the road to the Orange Grove farmer's market. It is only a minute away on foot. 

This is our Saturday morning ritual! Do you have any rituals like that?

I would like to show you some pictures of the market but it's now time for my siesta. Sorry. I hope you can come back tomorrow, or maybe Sunday.
The most horrible sign in the world for us dogs.

By the way!
Did anyone notice my newish collar? The Typist says she got it specially for me because plátanos are my most favourite fruta in the world and NOT because I am a little monkey. Despite her somewhat dubious record with collars, I believe her. Do you?


What Remains Now said...

Georgia...I tried to focus on your post, but I must admit that all I can think about is how jealous I am that you are entering spring and sad that we are getting closer to winter. I try to appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons, but sometimes I just can't help being grumpy about the whole thing. I do love your collar. Very playful and whimsical.

verobirdie said...

Saturdays mean sleeping in, kind of, until 7:00 instead of 5:30. Then a slow breakfast while checking mails and blogs.
Then a trip to the market, to buy fruit and vegatables, before preparing food for most of the lunches of the week. The afternoon is pent oing nothing (read veging on the couch, with needles and yarn/thread in my hands).
That' it!

georgia little pea said...

Thank you Ms Lori. I'm sad for you too. I don't like the cold one bit.

Ms Vero, you prepare your lunches for the whole week on one day? That's very hardworking of you!

Jean said...

I love your collar, Georgia! And thanks for showing us around the park. Is there really asbestos removal going on in the community garden? Did I read that right?

We don't have any Saturday rituals (except right now Eddie and I go to clicker school on Saturdays), but we do have certain days we go for long walks in the parks with our friends. Those are good rituals to have!

georgia little pea said...

Thank you Ms Jean! I like it better than Little Stinker. Yes, that is what the sign says. Scary eh. There were still humans gardening there though.

I guess Eddie is going to be really smart soon. I am a skool dropout you know.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Jacaranda time! Lovely.... your street must smell so sweet!
So pleased you clarified things about the pictures,typist as I was on it - on it I was. :)
And of course I noticed Ms Pea had her cutie-pie Little monkey collar on in the last post. I hope she didn't dirty it having that roll around.
And Ms Pea, stay out of that darn drain, could be full of nasties for yooo.
Asbestos removal?? gosh I thought they'd have more than just a fence around it. They are so thingie about the horrid stuff these days.
Are you feeling better Ms Pea? All good?

Tootsie said...

Dachshund druid here! I love your special collar. I did notice it! And I love that you used pictures from past posts. Um, when I do that, though, I don't tell anyone. Now I better take a look at my collars and be sure they match. Or just tell everyone?

I love the park and I love how BIG you are on the SMALL retro bench and I love reading about spring. We are entering COLD.

Toots aka Dachshund Druid (it's my new special powers name)

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

you sure have such a wonderful Saturday!
Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Rose ~ from Oz said...

PS: Cavendish or lady fingers? Cavendish is my favourite platano - esta delicioso! ;)

georgia little pea said...

Cavendish, Ms Rose! I share 2 a week with The Typist. That's all we're allowed because she thinks they're fattening. She gets more than half though which is really cheating.

Dear Dachshund Druid, maybe your readers are not so painful? I mean *ahem* sharp-eyed? ;) Life was definitely easier when I didn't have so many collars!

Sam said...

BOL - Monty has a monkey collar because he is our favorite monkey!


Sherri said...

Georgia - your saturday looks fun. Our saturday ritual is to hide from the vacuum cleaner and then make dirty dog prints on the windows when mom gets them clean. We like your collar. Where did Typist get it from?

your friends
Thumper and Lightning

georgia little pea said...

BWAH haha! You'll have to get a more exciting ritual than that for a weekend, T & L! I got Georgia's collar from Huggable Hound on Etsy.

Peggy Frezon said...

The bamboos look pretty cool. I've never seen something like that. Perfect place for a little monkey to play? We don't have a beach for dogs here, but we take Kelly and Brooks to a park on the weekends to let them chase tennis balls.

Kristine said...

It's okay if you are a little monkey, Georgia, I wouldn't hold it against you. But it's an adorable collar either way.

On Saturdays when the weather is nice, I like to take Shiva to an off-leash dog park to let her run around until she is so tired she pays attention in our afternoon agility class. :-)

Ann Oon said...

Your new collar with them lotta monkeys is very cute... and i like the way SHE always put flowers or ribbons on your collar.
You sure have a very nice park to run free... over here.. we don't have many which we can go. Its out of bounds for dogs everywhere.. (becos some idiots do not pick up after their dogs). I am going on the road tmrw to Piper's home. Over there.. i can walk/run free.. we are also heading off to the jungle for some camping thingy. Hope my cow remembers to pack my food and stuffs. Catch you next week Georgia lil Pea :)
pls send our regards to your Typist and your Cushion too!

woofs n licks,

Jan said...

We wish we could make it spring again here, but we have to put up with facing winter again. Love your spring-y pictures. We're looking forward to your summer rituals.

georgia little pea said...

The jungle! OH my goodness, Dommy! Watch out for those kitteh tiggers! I'm sure your cow will remember to bring food for you and if not, she'll probably give you hers. She seems quite kind. Have fun, take piccies and make a post please :) X

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

We have few rituals except on weekends we like to go by my sister's and drink beer and watch Disney movies. It's a good idea to have more though; routines can be soothing to anxious dogs and humans.

houndstooth said...

At least the new collar doesn't say "little stinker" on it! Kuster could have borrowed that one last night at the nursing home.

You live in such an exotic place. I love all the fruits and beaches. It makes our life here in the cornfield seem so boring!


chandra said...

Callan Park is so cool, just full of all the fun stuff! And that wide open grass - Mason would LOVE to do zoomies all over it, as long as there were no snakes around. That's an encounter we haven't had and I hope we never will!

Your collar is adorbs! You know I waited too long to order the two "little stinker" collars so they only had one left. Mason said that Uncle Walter could have it. In fact, he was very eager to let Uncle Walter have it! I'll share a pic soon of Wawa wearing it - he looks super cute in pink!

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

NO! That's sad Ms C. Well, if you want another one, I think other shops on Etsy have it too. Can't wait to see WaWa in his. Cooey X