Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ahhh Spring.



Lloyd still loves me.
Larry too.


Look what I found in the water a few days ago. 
A big dead fish! 
I have been eating it slowly. The flavour gets better every day. Yesterday morning, some of it came out of me. I tried to eat it again because I don't like to waste food but The Typist said, "NO!" I think she meant it too.


I love   Sp*ri*Ng! 



What Remains Now said...

How could the boys not love you, Georgia?

houndstooth said...

Of course they love you! You're adorable and irresistible!

You've been eating a fish for days? Oh, tell us your secret! No way would our humans let us get away with that for more than one time.

We love those flowers at the beginning of your post, too!


P.S. My raincoat does have a hood, it folds down when I don't need it and it can roll up to keep my head nice and dry. I got it from Voyager's K9 Apparel. Mom also says thanks for The Typist's reply today!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Ms Lori and Bunny's Mama, The Typist finds it hysterical that you think I am adorable and irresistible. She is one mean human.

I can eat the fish for days because it's down the big wall. If my humans wanted to stop me eating it, they'd have to climb down and walk on those rocks like me to pick it up! Haha! It's perfect, isn't it?

rottrover said...

Well, Georgia, like everyone else, we think you're quite adorable - especially when you're upside down scratching your back on the grass!!

-Bart and Ruby

chandra said...

Ah, love is in the air and it smells like dead fish! You now have the most stylish shed in the nabe AND two boyfriends. Life is good, GLP!

-c at ddy.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Aaaaaah, the door looks FABULOUSO!!
No other colour would have done! :)
I expect some Red Door Perfume to be lurking on the shelves therein..

Good to see Ms Pea with her Spring collar on and I sure hope she's just rolling around with spring delight or scratching her back and not rolling in the dead fish! ;(

Looove, the spring flower pics too!

georgia little pea said...

We found the red paint in The Underground, Ms Rose! The Typist is thrilled. Did you watch the birds vid? Cushion managed to save it from oblivion after all :D

Susie-Belle Schnauzer said...

Oooh, a dead fish, Susie-Belle would be munching her way through that just like you :) Spring flowers are gorgeous on your post, we're in miserable wet autumn weather today, and we have to go out in it, coats on for the girls methinks :)

Declan said...

Georgia, think carefully mate... who is going to want to snog you if you've been eating dead fish huh?! Deccy x

Karen Friesecke said...

I am very jellus of your Spring time as I am battening down the hatches for Winter in Canada.

BTW, the shed door looks great!!

georgia little pea said...

I just came back from my walk. The fish is still there! I ate some more and shared it with Larry!

Nah Deccy, Cushion will snog me whatever because he is besotted with me. The Typist is threatening to wash my mouth out though. Bummer.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

I'm always disappointed with vids as I try to watch them but my internet connectivity won't let me, I get a couple of seconds here and there, it's hopeless. I miss a lot because of it. :(
Ah yes, this is for Ms Pea. Did you change outfits during this walk Ms Pea? Do I detect a couple of collar changes?? Mmm?

georgia little pea said...

Shame. The miners were having a real fight, pinning each other down. They're not sweet birds. The pictures were taken on various walks in different parks, over the last couple of weeks. You don't miss a beat, Ms Rose :)

Ann Oon said...

Very nice dunny door color :D now i know why there's no post lately.

urmm... why is your boyfren sitting on you Georgia? Is this how it goes over there? when you like a girl.. you just sit on them? over here.. we just sniff butts.

woofs n licks,

LetterstoAndrew said...

I love spring too Georgia! I don't blame the typist about the fish though. YUCK, isn't it better for rolling in?

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Wow--those are such beautiful springtime shots! I love seeing them, especially as we are just heading into winter. Where is that incredible swimming hole? Looks like paradise.

Those birds are a rioT!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Spring is soooooooo wonderful! You are getting into your Spring and we are having Fall!

Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Berts Blog said...

Georgia Girl, If I hadn't given up on long distance relationships, I'd come a courtin. You are so pretty, especially when you are eating dead fish and rolling on your back.

Va Va Voom.....


Kristine said...

That bird video was interesting, to say the least. Were they doing what I think they were doing? Only on this blog would I find something so scandalous! ;-)

georgia little pea said...

AHA! At last! Someone notices! Thank you Ms Oon. I think Lloyd was just being a Dane :)

Dear Letters To Andrew (hmmm, what an unusual name you have), thank you for visiting! Dead things are good for rolling in AND eating. If I'm very quick, I can roll in them BEFORE I eat them and before my humans start screaming.

Kirsten - The swimming hole is in one of the parks in our neighbourhood.

Bert! I already have (at least) 2 (current) boyfriends but I shall remember you said that forever! Have you and Charlotte... *ahem* ...?

Dear Ms Tonks, please take your mind out of the gutter. They were FIGHTING!

Jan said...

We love Georgia and we love spring. Only six more months that we have to wait.

Leslie said...

Oh, how wonderful - you're approaching spring just as winter begins its descent upon us. I shall live vicariously through you Miss GLP until spring comes back to us here.

However, ooh, ick with the fish thing. Your Typist was right - no, no, no eating dead fish!

Loved the video of the birds. Are they a type of mockingbird by any chance? (They kind of look - and ACT - like the ones we have around here.)

PS - love the red door. :)

georgia little pea said...

Hey Leslie! They're noisy miners, a native bird. We also have Indian mynahs here (not native) and they are just as mad. As are cockatoos and magpies. End winter and spring are scary here, birdwise. They don't just poop, they swoop and peck.

Olivia & Petey said...

Oooooooh GLP! Dead fish! The doggies love them! Petey is partial to dead crabs too. They make bad stinks come out his back end.
And...we love the pic of the red door, and the little sign also

Barb said...

Dead fish will do it to you every time! I suggest enjoying it by rolling in it and not eating it. The eau de fish will stay on your coat a long time and your tummy won't get sick.

Jean said...

Your rains have moved to Canada, our sunshine has gone south, and now I'm going to have to do a blog about fall.
Love the red door! Wait till you see what I've redone (well, okay, had redone by someone else) in red here.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Ms Barb, how about rolling in it THEN eating it? I ike to make the most of maggots.

Jean! Is this YOUR shed were talking about?I thought you were doing it yourself. I shall wait for your post :)

Jean said...

No, not my shed - it is too wet to paint that right now. I'll keep you in suspense for a bit.

Amy said...

Oh Georgia - you're perfectly naughty! No more dead fish, please.