Thursday, June 14, 2012

Georgia 1 Kindle 0

Before the alarm clock could go off this morning, I chucked up in the bedroom. Then I started to shiver and breathe funny. I couldn't stand up by myself and was very wobbly.

My humans panicked. Of course. 

Since I couldn't walk, My Cushion had to carry me downstairs to the car. He was huffing and turned quite red.
"Get a grip, man! I'm not THAT heavy."

They took me to see Dr Dog. 
I walked into the room and passed out.
"I bet you guys are sorry now that you ignored me all last week."

Don't look if you're squeamish because Dr Dog did some horrible things to me while I was too helpless to defend myself!
She [apparently] took my temperature. 
Then she squeezed my butt and stinky stuff came out.
Then she checked to see why I couldn't walk.
And just when I thought it was over...
...she took some blood too.
"Did I say some? I meant A Lot."
Then she forced me to swallow a nasty pill.
It was humiliating and exhausting and I was very glad when it was all over.
"One day, Dr Dog, when you least expect it..."


I'm home now and recoopratying recupra have been sleeping lots. The Typist stayed home all day to take care of me.
Dr Dog says I'm not allowed to walk or play for a week and have to go for another blood test on Friday. 

My Typist has pumped up a big mattress. She's going to sleep downstairs on the floor with me until I'm better because I'm not allowed to climb upstairs to the bedroom and she's stupid that way  she doesn't want me to be lonely. She spent the afternoon  poaching chicken breasts for me, massaging my toes and making sure I was warm. She didn't once turn the stupid kindle on haha.

"Oh say, Typist! Could you please bring me some water?"

"And I know it's very late, but don't forget to type and publish that post for me before you go to bed, okay?"

Sure I might be milking the situation. But why not?

It's very nice being the centre of the universe again.

Georgia 1   Kindle 0


"Excuse me, Miss Receptionist, excuse me! I think there's something wrong with your scales! I should only be 43 kilos!"


sonia a. mascaro said...

Oh my dear Georgia! I am so
concerned, preoccupied with you! What scary was to passed out... ("desmaiar" in Portuguese).
I do hope with all my heart that you will be healthy very soon. Let me know good news very soon!
Beijos e abraços.

Declan said...

Georgia mate! Are you okay?! I've got to paw it to you; have yo made them pay for that SILLY Kindle episode! Thinking of ya, pal... Deccy x

H and Flo said...

Oh no GLP! We're very concerned up here, you don't look yourself at all. I really hope they get to the bottom (ahem!) of what the problem is. I trust that you've made the Cushion and Typist rethink their priorities. Kindle schmindle. Keep us updated when you're up to dictating another post.

georgia little pea said...

A P.S. from The Typist - what a scare! The vet says Georgia's likely got a prolapsed disk in her neck which is impinging on a nerve and that's why she can't use her front right leg. Could have gotten it jumping from a high wall last week, mad dog! One of the blood tests was to rule out rat poison [she's a scrounger]. One of her anal glands also turned out to be infected which might have accounted in part for her fever. It's going to be tough [I mean impossible] keeping her still for a week!

Jean said...

GLP, don't give us all such a scare! My goodness! (But I am very glad the score is Georgia 1 Kindle 0 !)
I hope you are soon feeling much better and finding other less scary ways to get the attention you deserve. Hugs, Jean and crew.

Leslie said...

Oh no. Georgia, we are very concerned. You do look rather unwell in your photos. :(

I'm glad to hear it's nothing like rat poison! Yikes. Good luck keeping her still.

(Oh wait, what's this? Bella has asked me to convey to you on her behalf: "Good show, mate, in getting your Typist and Cushion to put down the Kindles. I'm feeling a little under the weather myself come to think of it. Mom, maybe you can put that iPad down for just a bit?" ;)

What Remains Now said...

Going to hope and pray that everything is okay and having The Typist under your paw again will speed healing. Let us know the final diagnosis. Thinking of you lots, Georgia.

3 doxies said...

Girl, when you wants attention you go da full freakin' mile...I applaud you and you sinister thinkin'.
Nows I must say you do kinda looks all pathetic theres bein' toted down da stairs and then to has your butt squeezed...oh fur da loves of beer and cheetos. What an ordeal yo hads to go through.

I sees your typist has a PS and I wann say my brudder had a ruptured disc in his back a long time ago, he was paralyzed but him hads surgery and can walk nows. I REALLY hope you gets all betters and don't has no complications.

I am so glad I don't has to da only moron peeps dat takes fotos of me in my distressed state. I thinks we may need a support group.

PS: Brudder and Sissy don't talk on da blog cuz they ain't as fun as me...they be all proper and stuffs...BORING!

verobirdie said...

Georgia dear, don't scare us that way! Get well very soon and keep us uptodate.
Ps to the Typist: don't you think a few treats would help?

Scrappy said...

OH NO! I will be worried now! I have been through the disk problem and anal glands were removed just a few weeks ago, so I FEEL your pain! It will be hard to lay still, but it sounds like you are in very good hands there! How nice that your typist will sleep by you!

Patrice and Higgins said...

Oh poor thing! I hope that you are feeling better soon...did they say what they thought was wrong??


Kristine said...

Aww Georgia, that's not good. It's not any use to beat out the Kindle if you are too sick to enjoy the extra attention. I hope Dr. Dog has it figured out and you feel better soon! I will be wishing you well!

Jan said...

Glad to hear that Dr. Vet is getting a handle on this. What scary moments you are giving your humans. I hope my dogs don't find out about how to get the center of attention like this. Stay quiet and get well. (and bury the Kindles.}

georgia little pea said...

A morning note from The Typist -

THANKS EVERYONE! She slept all night, didn't try to climb on my bed and she's not bothering The Other Half to take her for a walk. In fact, she's still under her blankie and not stirring which is unusual and worrying (even though it's good that she's keeping so still).

Puddles - Paralysed? Surgery?! Gulp. I'm glad "Brudder" is walking again. The vet did mention that as a distant possibility. Hopefully, it won't come to that. You can bet Georgia's never ever going to jump from any wall higher than 6 inches. ever. again.

Scrappy - I know about your anal gland surgery but I didn't realise you'd had a disk problem too. You're okay now though! Right?! Poor baby.

houndstooth said...

Oh my! Georgia, those are some drastic actions you're resorting to! I sure hope you're feeling better and the vet doesn't start crazy talk about things like diets. I hear those are no fun. At least you're finally getting the royal treatment you deserve!


Rose from Oz is Back! said...

Ms Pea, so pleased Typist was onto it and gave us all an update on your progress. It's sounding very positive but you must REST Ms Pea. This will heal the disc. Be a good girl now. When I first started reading I thought you had taken the 'Team's' advice most seriously and decided to "gain attention by any means you deem necessary". Goodness. (Heheheh Ms Pea 0 for Kindle indeed) hehehe :)

June said...

Georgia! Georgia! Sending all good wishes for the return of your robust good health. I am so glad you have a good mom and a good dad, especially the mom who makes sure you are covered up and warm and makes her bed next to you so that you won't get up and go looking for her, but will be comfortable where you are safe.
We've had the very same arrangements here on a few occasions and it's been worrisome for the humans and a comfort for the little prince poodles.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Oh you poor thing! What an ordeal! That must have been so scary for all concerned, but it sounds like all your humans are doing their best by you.

Christina said...

Lots of cuddles for Georgia. Hope she feels better soon!! xxx

Kari in Vegas said...

Oh no! So did they figure out what was wrong?

Stop on by for a visit

Julie said...

Oh Georgia! I know you want them to put those silly Kindles down, but please feel better . . it's very hard on us humans to have to worry so much!!

georgia little pea said...

ARVO UPDATE from The Typist:

Still sleeping and behaving. Those painkillers are good! Hopefully will know more tomorrow after we meet our regular vet who was away yesterday. We need a long term plan to contain this and prevent future flare ups, methinks.

Kari - yes, sort of. I made a comment way up top! It's a prolapsed disk in her neck impinging on a nerve.

Rose from Oz is Back! said...

Keep us informed on progress Typist - an A.M. report followed by a P.M. report would be greatly appreciated by all who love and adore the Pea.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Georgia and your parents. How worried they must be????? Please keeps us informed as to how you are going Georgia. Please, please get better soon. Lots and lots of kisses Tara xoxoxoxox

Tootsie said...

Oh no, Georgia. I am so sorry. I really hope you are feeling better. And please stay calm all week. NO MORE JUMPING UP OR DOWN. Please thank your Typist for the updates. We are worried and sending all good thoughts. As you know, I am now a DOG OF FAITH - like Scrappy - because to make it through these challenges, well, it really helps to be DOG OF FAITH. Love, Tootsie.
P.s. from Tootsie's Mom: Oh, Typist. You are such a wonderful, wonderful mother. I send you all my love.

3 doxies said...

Hey, it's me Puddles again...I just wanted to check in and sees how Georgia was doin' today.
Read you udder sissy had an impinged nerve and they gaves her Rimadyl, hers all good nows. Her was on it bouts a week. We doxies can has issues withs our backs.


Anonymous said...

Aw Georgia, sorry to hear that not only are you so poorly but you were photographed having those horrid things done... Get well soon sweetie xxx

georgia little pea said...


Georgia is on Tramal, Puddles. And also an anti inflammatory, Macrolone. She's a happy doped up bikkie.

Anon - hahaha! you know I'm a shameless human who's not fit for polite company, right? :)

June said...

I think what you say is [possibly] the reason for GLP's dysfunction heals, right? Oh lord........the worry!
This is why, every morning, I carry Max downstairs, and when Angus pauses at the landing, I rush to help him.

Kenzo said...

A prolapsed disk ... Sending good karma from Denmark and hope your are soon on your feet again. I am sure your Typist is taking good care of you.
Hugs from Kenzo & Viva.

Ann Oon said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Georgia.. whatever didya do that for... that's more pain than a mere kindle. Just munch on the kindle.. and spit it all out. Don't go to extremes to get yerself all doped up sick to win over the silly kindle.

btw... why is she having them biggggggggggg bed while you are in that small bed? jump over to her bed and ask her to share. Milk it while you can... and and urmm.. backrubs.. tummy rubs.. is a must.. milk it milk it.

hope you get well soon girly. We don't want anything to happen to you. You are most precious in our hears. Hope both your kindle hoomans am feelin bad right about now for ignoring you lately :D

Anonymous said...

OMG how absolutely terrifying! I do hope Georgia is well on the mend.

To the typist, did your vet also check for tick borne diseases? I know in the states they are carrying more and more diseases. Not sure if you have ticks where you are or not.

Sending good thoughts your way!

chandra said...

GLP, it sounds like the dogtors have you on the right track and you're certainly in good hands at home - when the humans pull out the air mattress, that's the gold standard of TLC.

Daley had a slipped disk in his neck around age 10. I'll never know how he did it, but for two days I was too dense to realize what was going on. He was hunched over and I was convinced he'd eaten some sort of street meat and gave himself a whopper of a stomach upset.

His treatment was just the same as yours, GLP, and with a little time and some good pain meds, he was fine. Just take it easy for a few more days. Oh, and before the air mattress gets put away, give it a try. Air mattresses are the best dogs beds ever!

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

Anny - yup! she's discovered the big bed! There's no turning back now ;)

Jodi - do we have ticks??? Bwah haha!!! They're killers here! The 2 big fears we had on Wednesday morning were ticks and bloat. It was almost a relief to find out that it was a prolapsed disk!

Chandra - we didn't pick it up for a few days too! She was looking down but we thought it was the nonstop infernal rain we've been having and not being able to meet up with her friends in the soggy parks. (A good thing, as it turned out.) She was still keen to go for walks and even did a long one to the fishmarket over the long weekend. She had to collapse to get our attention!

Pamela said...

Oh Georgia, what an ordeal. But there's nothing like shaking and fainting to remind your people how important you are to them.

Tell your person to be careful sleeping on the floor. We don't want her to get a prolapsed disk too. After all, who would type your posts, massage your feet, and cook your chicken breasts?

hero said...

Oh dear! That was scary reading the post... but I'm glad it turned out well and you're recovering now. Dr. Dog sure did a good job trying to cover all possibilities that could cause such issues. And kudos to Typist for being such a considerate and good cow for you to milk ;)

Licks, hero

yuki and rocket said...

oh my goodness! i hope everything is okay...must've been very scary to see you just pass out like that! hope you get to feeling better very soon!

yuki and rocket

Ann Oon said...

Hero is right... i think Your Typist should be re-named Your Cow now.. *LOL*

hope you are feelin better today GLP!

lifewithmydogs said...

That's terrible! I hope you are feeling well very soon.

Rose from Oz is Back! said...

OK so this is good right? Painkillers and lots of rest? All will be good right? Poor Ms Pea. keep her sweet muzzle up hey Typist.
It's happening everywhere with our furry friends, the resident cat here was rushed off to the Universitie's emergency section an hour ago to have emergency surgery. (Yep! couldn't believe it either Typist, they said get out here right now. It's offered 24 hour a day.
Do give Ms Pea a cuddle/pat for us won't you? xx
I'll check in again tomorrow for a progress report.

Ellen said...

What is going on in doggy blogland?! Too many of our blog dog friends are sick...I'm off the computer for several days and I missed this...Georgia so very sorry for your visiting the vet but really glad you did! I'm going to read the next post now and see what is up....

Sending you doggy hugs!
Ellen, Stewie and Tucker