Thursday, June 2, 2011

For Bert and his bonza sheila, Vickie.

It's been brought to My Typist's attention that she may have used words in this blog that no one understands, but have been too polite or shy to ask. Struth!

Lucky Bert #54 had no such qualms. Yesterday, he asked My Typist,

"What is brekkie?"

Brekkie This is the 1st meal of my day, usually 1 hour after my walk [or 1 hour before, on weekends]. My Typist makes it for me. She's not a bad cook and tries to make my meals delicious and nutritious. Last week I had eggs, bloodwood honey, vegemite, tuna, poached chook, grilled beef, oatmeal, lentils, carrots and celery and rice. I like variety. It can take My Typist 15 minutes to get my brekkie ready. 15 minutes is too long to wait when you're very hungry.
This isn't my brekkie but My Typist is too lazy to look for more piccies.

I hope that answers your question, Bert #54! Thanks for asking!


MORE iffy words that we've used in my stories -

Chuck up I do this quite often. My humans say this is because I am a connoiseur of street food.
There are many stories about my chuck ups in this blog. If you're not eating anything at the moment, you can read one HERE.

Cockies These are horrible dark brown thingos that sometimes crawl onto my bed [though my sheets get cleaned every week]. They have spiny legs and are not good to eat.

[Cockies should not be confused with cockroaches. These are humans who live in New South Wales.]
We had many cockies and other vermin over summer [though we are quite a clean house]. If you're not eating anything at the moment or have already chucked up, you can read about them HERE and HERE.

Mozzies These are horrible black thingos with wings that whine all night and drink our blood. They are very tiny and also not good to eat.

Arvo This is not the same as avos. Maybe you can guess what it is if we put it in a story...

My Typist often has a nap in the arvo [unless she had one in the morning]. I like to have a nap in the arvo too. We like to nap together. Sometimes, the nap becomes a big sleep and it's dark by the time we wake up. We always try to be up before my out-at-work human comes home from a day of hard yakka because otherwise, he might think we're bl_ _ _y bludgers and get the shits.
Bikkies My bikkies are nutritious low-fat multigrain ones. They're very cheap and boring. My humans' bikkies are called timtams. They're not so cheap unless they're on special, 2 for $4. They're also not boring and are about as lowfat and nutritious as a macca.

Timmies These are bonza bikkies! My Typist likes Chewy Caramel and Dark Chocolate. My out-at-work human likes Honey Crush. They can never agree on anything.

The way to eat a timmie is to chew off both ends, dip it in hot coffee, suck the coffee up through the bikkie so it melts, then gobble the lot. It's been scientifically proven that this is the best eva way to eat a timmie. I've never had timmies because they're chocolate and I could die if I ate them.

Thongs These are thingos my humans wear on their feet. They are in no way related to thingos some people wear on their butts. My Typist wears them even with pretty dresses. She can be a real dag. 
Footy Uncle STeve loves his footy, we don't know why. He's such a bloke. Every year, Uncle STeve comes up to watch his Pies play. It's almost time for him to come up again. He likes to go walkabout with me when he comes up. I like to go walkabout with him too.

Kerfuffle I have these off and on. Mostly, they're tiny ones. Once, it was a very big one. My humans get upset when I have kerfuffles. I am kerfuffling less now that I am A Young Lady.

That's all for today! I hope you had fun learning these words. If My Typist made a mistake, please let her know. This is entirely possible because she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

If you have any words you'd like to add to the list, or more questions to ask, please do so and we will try to help. 

If you'd prefer to learn from experts [recommended], please click  HERE! and HERE!

Hooroo for now.

Q: What is a Bonza Sheila?

A: Bonza Sheila is Australian slang for a wonderful girl, or a girlfriend


Berts Blog said...

Dear Georgia Little Pea and Typist

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain some of your words to me and my Vickie.

My Vickie laughed a lot while she was reading them to me cause she thinks they sound like "Fun Words" she likes "Fun Words"

I would surely love it if she would fix me a brekkie like you get.

I am going to tell all my friends to check out your page to get breakfast ideas for thier humans to try.

So glad to have you as a friend.


PS There is this new thing going round here called Dog Bloggers Mailing List. Next time you come to visit, which I hope you do, you should check it out. It sounds like a fun way for the humans to see that we get birthday cards and such delivered by the "man who drives by quickly" My Vickie calls him the Mail man.

Juliette and Dougie said...

Looks like I've pipped others to the post this time, reading a really fresh post! Your brekkie sounds delic, Dougie is jealous!! Thanks for the dictionary - as a non-Aussie it has enlightened me somewhat! Hope you are good and your

Kristine said...

I really like the word bonza and am now going to use it as an adjective for everything, thus irritating all of the people in my office. Mwahaha!

Thanks for this fabulous lesson. I've never had a timtam either but they look quite good.

Jen said...

Thanks for explaining all your terms for this poor Canadian girl (who just for the record knew all of them anyway... not sure how or why, but I guess I'm just smart that way?!?)

I LOVE timtams too!!! I taught with a gal who did a teacher exchange from Australia once upon a time. She introduced me to them and WOW! There are a couple stores around here that carry them and when they are on sale, I have a hard time saying no!! :)

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Pamela said...

I typed a wonderful and witty response to your wonderful and witty dictionary post before my internet connection failed and I lost the whole thing. It's enough to make me want to upchuck (the American version).

So just take my word for it that my comment was absolutely roll on the floor funny and go ahead and laugh anyway.

Thanks for the lesson, Georgia.

georgia little pea said...

@Bert - "the man who drives by quickly" hahaha! that's a good one! i shall check the mailing list next time i'm at your blog. you know, my humans forgot my birthday this year. they're such galahs.

@Pamela - My Typist did laugh! she's also INSISTING that you rewrite and post another comment. and how come you're still reading stuff on vacation? don't you have anything better to do like tan your toes or eat a pineapple? [i have absolutely no idea where you are and am just guessing.]

dogsmom said...

A wonderful rendition and explanation for those of us uninformed of the true Queen's English. (That means refined and edufacated.)One I did know that you have neglected is PREZZIE. A very fine Aussie word indeed.

Knowing you have such a vast vocabulary just boils my buttons. That's Southern (U.S.)country for makes me happy and proud.

DogsMom said...

And I hope you have a Mad Tea for your birthday later this month.

We'd love to have you join us at the Mad Tea Party.

Karen Friesecke said...

Thank-you for explaning that a "cockie" IS NOT a "cockroach" But damn, it still looks big and scary :O

Jan said...

We would really like to come to your house for brekkie and Bikkies, but we are afraid of Cockies and don't like mozzies at all. But thanks for all the new words to impress our friends.

houndstooth said...

I knew what all of those terms meant, but I thank you for the very entertaining explanation! If you ever had a word that I didn't understand, I'd just ask you what it meant. I'm not shy that way!

I will try to talk Dad and Morgan into writing that post for you, but I can't promise it will happen. Dad's having a very stressful time right now, and he's doing good just to keep up with Morgan's Wordless Wednesdays. I'm glad I can run my blog on my own!


loveandaleash said...

thanks for explaining some of your silly terminology. we feel so much more well-equipped now to understand your blog posts!!

Anny said...

Holy macaroni!!! You had alllllllllllllllll of that for breakfast??? Gosh! Can i move in with yous? I am from Australia too... till i was shipped here and abandoned in a shop. Can i move back to Australia and stays with you Georgia?? pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Anny said...

These funsies words are really good. I learn a lot of new words today. We'll get back at your typist and leave you a whole lot of weird words on one of our posts one of these days.. hehehehhee

Jean B said...

Thanks for the translation, GLP! I always find it fun to see the different words used in other countries. You made a comment on my blog recently about always taking your 'mob' with you - from the context, I take it that this is an Aussie term for a cellphone?

I also love TimTams (even for brekkie!!), which you introduced me to via your blog are have now become a staple on my grocery list. However, around here (Canada) if you refer to Timmies, it means you are going to our famous and very popular Tim Hortons donut/coffee/andothergoodstuff fast food chain. I think our Timmies should out your Timmies on the menu!

georgia little pea said...

@dogsmom - you're right. i forgot pressies. maybe because i don't get them a lot. "boils my buttons' - what a great visual :)

@Jan - an A+ for stringing all that into a sentence!

@Bunny - that's funny that Mr Taleteller works so hard to keep up with WORDLESS Wednesdays hehe.

@Dommy - oh no! you were in one of those horrible shops? :( thank goodness you got a good home.

i don't get to eat ALL of those things in one meal. heavens! that would be a dog's brekkie! that was my week's menu.

we shall look out for your dictionary post. we like being multi-lingual :p

@JeanB - mobile phone = cellphone, top deduction! it may just be me who calls a mobile phone a mob though! as opposed to... "who's that MOB [of people] you're running with?"

i have to admit my words are getting more and more confused these days as i marry real spelling with texted ones.

Berts Blog said...

Hi Georgia Little Pea, I am back commenting on your comment on my blog. Well what I mean is I made a re-comment on your comment in my comments on my blog comment spot.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, I answered your questions...

so when you get a chance, check back in.

crapola, I think I'll go to bed, I am not making any sense.

PS.. You and your typest are a kick. (Thats a good thing)


What Remains Now said...

Very informative. I'm going to look for timtams (timmies, right?).

Anny said...

but still... can i move in with yous Georgia... your menu for the week seems more divine than my cookies.. dry.. urggghhhh.. *choke*


Anny said...

naw.. i was not in one of those horrible shops. I was flown in with my brother to join my family that moved to Malaysia. They got overwhelmed when they have kids.. so we were left at a boarding place of a very nice lady until we were adopted.

sad.. i still can't find my brother. *sniff sniff*

Kolchak Puggle said...

BOL! Thanks for sharing. There was some fun words in there - and some are ones that we think are so "Canadian" (like brekkie!). It's fun to get to know other slang :)

georgia little pea said...

@Dommy - yes. those bikkies sound awful! i'd run away too if that was what i had to eat. i have 2 beds and you can have one. not sharing my blankie or bones though. you have to get your own, okay? will you be arriving by plane or boat? that makes a difference these days.

that's sad about your brother. but at least you have A Very Good Home :) hopefully, he does too.

Peggy Frezon said...

Thanks for teaching us some fun new words! Love "brekkie"! I've been working with a publisher in the UK and learned that what we call a "shopping cart", they call a "trolley". And they didn't know what we call "high tops" are basketball shoes...not sure how they refer to them. Lots more fun words too! Have a great day!

Friko said...

I knew most of these; we speak the same dogwaffle here and my human talks to me all the time, I never make any kerfuffle though, I am well-bred and well behaved.

Love from Benno

Suzanne said...

We can't thank you enough for the translations. We didn't know most of those words and enjoyed learning about them.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

That's a great list, GLP! Here's one you missed though, Ocker:) Beryl and I are Ocker's too:) I think Beryl would enjoy your brekkies. Frankie not so much, he's boring in the food department.

chandra said...

mmm, brekkie! when i was in 'stralia earlier this year i had vegemite on toast with avo and tomato for brekkie and it was SO delish!

love the links ... "Awning over the toy shop" ... Ba, ha, ha, hee hee!

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

@The Ocker - yeah, that's a beaut. bogan is one of my faves. but i haven't used them in the blog [yet]. might have to do something about that soon. The Other Half's asking how come i didn't include "she'll be right." crikey! like i'm putting together a dictionary here. it's enough to make me spit the dummy ;p

@Ms C - you sound so ocker haha! is now a good time to admit i don't like vegemite?

Elizabeth said...

Me, here - not the dogs. I read this brilliant post last week, but am only now posting because, like Pamela, my first inclination was to respond with an equally (if not superior) witty comment. But my computer ate it (okay not true). The truth is, I'm not that good. SO, here I am, a week later, to tell you that, naturally, the most useful part of this post - for me - is the part about "thongs". Without getting into too much detail, I also wear them with pretty dresses, but in the American sense. Does that make me a dag, too? :)

georgia little pea said...

@Elizabeth - no sweetie, that doesn't make you a dag. it makes you a sexy beast :)

Elizabeth said...

Er, I also wear "flip-flops" with the same dresses. (There are no other shoes in summer.) I think I'd rather be a dag than that other thing you said. :)