Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My blankie, My Typist and me.

A ridiculously simple, mostly pictorial guide to manipulating communicating with your human.

We may have a problem.

Excuse me please.

I know you're busy watching another riveting episode of Masterchef, and I'm SO sorry to interrupt, but may I trouble you to put my blankie on me again?


Thank you. So very kind.


Anny said...

hahahhahahahhaha.. the blankie thingy happens to me too.. and sometimes.. in the middle of the night.. i don't get it back on.

Are you back from your holidays at summer camp already?

woofs n licks,

georgia little pea said...

hey Dommy,

no, going next weekend yuk.

you can always wake your humans up at night you know. I do it all the time. last night, I woke My Cushion up at least 3 times. he got very cross at - get this - MY TYPIST! not ME! hahahahaha!!! because she let me in the bedroom instead of letting me sleep downstairs. she's VERY easy to train. maybe yours is too?

verobirdie said...

Lol. You are bery clever. But you are so cute and polite, it is immpossible to resist your request.

Happy.Bark.Days said...

LOL... What a fantastic photo essay! The illustration of your lounge room really helps to give us a sense of perspective. I see that The Typist has an assortment of goodies by her side. Oooh, yum, TimTams... I went crazy with those during my time in Sydney *drool*

Well, Georgia, I hope you managed to catch a few more winks after being tucked into bed and wrapped up in your blankie by your oh-so kind Typist.

hero said...

BOL! Great pictorial essay. How to resist such angelic face... no wonder you did not have a hard time training the Typist. I have to scratch and poke my hoomans constantly before getting any reaction from the slumbering log to allow me out for my midnight breakie. My hoomans kinda agree that Masterchef Season 2 is not that good, in fact Junior Masterchef is more interesting.

Licks, hero

georgia little pea said...

@H.B.D - timmies are E.V.I.L. chewy caramel and dark are my fave. TOH loves honey crunch. straight to the waistline!

@Hero - it's season 3 here! the cooks are not as good. you know who won season 2, right? if you don't, don't read my old post on it :)

uncle STeve said...

Thanks for the dog-bog-blog on the perils of the dog bed.

Flash is now an outside dog (unfortunately Inky's had to go out there too to keep him company),

They're allowed in by the fire to watch TV, thought provoking doco's only, mind you.

Each night I tuck them up in their shed-bed-basket.

I no sooner finish, than Flash changes position, drags the blanket off Inky...

If Inky's looks could kill, still they keep warm curled up together.

Be happy, well & warm, best rgds STeve

Kristine said...

Hahahahaha! And I bet she got up and fixed it too, even after telling herself she wouldn't. When you're good, you're good, Georgia. Us humans are easy marks. :-)

Shiva has totally trained me to lay out a blanket just for her on the couch. Naturally, she couldn't possibly lay on the couch without some sort of covering. That would be inhumane.

Jen said...

So cute!! Lucky Georgia has someone willing to help her out!! :)

Hope you are hanging in there!

Jen and the Black Dog Crew

houndstooth said...

Georgia, that's brilliant! You've trained your human so well! Don't ever become one of those suck up dogs who covers themselves up with their own blanket. Make the humans work for it!


Jean B said...

What a great photo essay! You had me hooked from the lovely sketch of your lounge - all those treats beside your typist's spot and not a morsel beside yours, poor Georgia. Your bed looks very cosy and I am glad to see your typist got up to replace your blankie.
So... just between us....do you ever sneak up on that couch when the humans aren't around???

bermtopia said...

Blue Blankies ROCK!! And I speak from vast experience.


Pamela said...

Georgia, you are such an effective communicator to get your typist to comply so quickly with your request. It's a good thing you're not in high political office.

On the other hand, maybe that's not such a bad idea. Where do you stand on nuclear disarmament and forgiveness of developing nation debt?

Anonymous said...

That diagram is hilarious...'My princess bed' :D :D Clever girl, Georgia, it looks like you've got your typist wrapped around your little finger ;)

Jan said...

Good job of human training. You should write a manual with lots of your artful diagrams.

Elizabeth said...

(That's awesome! Love the sketch!)

Hmm. Georgia, maybe your typist could fashion your blankie into a poncho that would not fall off. We have things called Snuggies for dogs in the states. They are blankies with sleeves, but they don't come any larger than for a small terrier. They are frankly, really silly. :(

Please go easy on your Typist at night. Pitiful faces are hard to resist when a human is ready to nod off. I should know because I convinced the Hubby to let JF and Dewi sleep in the bed with me "for just a while longer" last night and guess what? They were there all night and the Hubby had to move to the couch. He was not happy.

I hope you stay warm this week. :)

georgia little pea said...

@JeanB - NO, I NEVER! perish the thought! i am A Good Dog am i.

@Pamela - nuclear disarmament and national debt are very serious topics. i will have to look them up and get back to you. please don't hold your breath though.

@Elizabeth - ooo... thanks for telling that story! maybe My Cushion won't scold My Typist so much anymore. at least he didn't have to go sleep on the couch.

we have those snuggies for humans! they look pretty silly but maybe that's what i need. i walk about in my blankie a lot. i wrote a story about it a long time ago - http://littledogsonlongleashes.blogspot.com/2010/07/one-day-im-going-to-tumble-down-stairs.html

chandra said...

there's something about blue blankies ... have you seen ben's blue blankie, GLP? since he's in bermtopia his blue blankie is a heavier weight. is master chef like top chef in the states? i've fallen a season behind on top chef but i confess, i have a crush on tom colicchio.

sorry to hear that zumbo has gone downhill.
-c at ddy.

sagechronicles said...

You have a very special typist to wrap you up so snuggly, Georgia. I hope she got lots of treats while you were training her. I think I've been abused--I've NEVER had a blankie.

Pup Fan said...

Oh my... I love the diagram! :)

Elizabeth said...

OK, on second thought, maybe wearing your blankie isn't such a good idea - at least not near stairs going down. And begging your pardon, but I kind of liked your blue sausage look in the last photo (of your long ago post about wearing your blankie). :)

georgia little pea said...

@Chandra - Mr Ben's blue blankie is the most famous in dogdom!

no, MC is different. it has amateur cooks competing. this season is so blah. re zumbo - guess that's what happens when you go from tatty neighbourhood shop to goofy i heart zumbo T-shirts and shiny stickers on your cakes :p

@Sage - you are definitely being abused, girl! how can you NOT have a blankie? you live in such a BRRRR place!

June said...

Oh, Georgia. You have The Look down pat!
It is, clearly, working for you.

Kolchak Puggle said...

BOL! I love love love this post. So adorable.

DogBlogger said...

Very nice.
You have to keep that bed fluffed up. Maybe a pillow too. Oh, and a nice blanket... the expensive kind.

You should always tuck them in at night with their blanky and a kiss on the snout. Of course.


Karen Friesecke said...

Chin on knee action ALWAYS gets the humans to do you bidding, just ask Jersey. Nice work GLP!!

Bert said...

Hi Georgia Little Pea,

I love your name and I think you are such a pretty girl. I am glad to meet you and I hope you wont mind if I come back and visit you often.

Love the pictures...


Bert said...

PS and look.....I am #54.

Waiting for #54 is like watching My Typist make my brekkie.

Whats a brekkie

georgia little pea said...

Dear Bert - WELCOME! I shall shortly get My Typist to explain all to you :)

Thank you for saying I'm pretty. So many humans think I'm a boy. It's lovely to meet one who has good eyesight and knows their anatomy.

Please have a good day xox

Suzanne said...

I love that Georgia likes to be under the covers! That made me laugh out loud. The pictoral story is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Oh Georgia, you and Frankie must never meet. I think he could give you some great ideas about training your typist to keep you covered up, he's got me very well trained. He prefers to be totally covered up too:) I've actually been known to forget where he is and sit on him:( He's very forgiving though. I wish he'd give me some tips on training him!!

Love the sketch. Dark chocolate Tim Tams are the best, Black Forest my second favourite.

Shawn Finch, DVM said...

Best story ever. I read it twice :)