Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mr Thumper gets a letter from home.

Dear Mr Thumper,

Sorry it took so long to write but The Typist has been very un-cooperative.

I hope you're feeling all good again and have found Mr Piglet and are having lots of fun with your new legs!

We are okay here. It's been cold and windy since you left. You'd have liked it. The house has been quiet without you, but it smells heaps better. The humans have been sad, especially your our favourite one. Don't worry, I'm keeping a close eye on him. I'm giving him plenty of cuddles and have been playing fetch with him. He's been teaching me how to wink. I don't know why this is important, but it makes him laugh, so I'm trying my best.

There've been many changes here already. Some I like a lot. [I now have your old bed on top of mine so it's extra soft and warm.] Some are not so good. [I have to sit right at the back of the car where you used to be, so I don't get to drive anymore.]

I don't know why, but the humans have also started to leave me home alone. One day last week, they left me for 5 whole hours. I didn't cry or chew anything! I wasn't even scared though it was dark by the time they got home. The Typist says I'm all grown up now. You'd have been really proud of me, Mr T.

Guess what? The Typist made a fresh batch of liver treats last week! She got a bit sad thinking about how you hogged the space waited in front of the oven the last time she made some. The treats turned out extra crispy [because she left them in the oven too long]. I know you would have loved them too and will try to eat some for you.

Yesterday, she took me out for a ladies' walk and brunch with Tara and her human. We had bacon and sausage dipped in runny egg. The bacon wasn't crispy enough and the sausage a bit cheap, but it was still tasty. The sun was shining and we had a nice time. Here are some pictures.
I don't feel bad telling you all this, Mr T, because I know you're eating lots of yummy stuff where you are too. You must be really happy you don't have to eat that awful pap anymore!

That's it then! We miss you, Mr T! But I think we're going to be all right, so please don't worry about us. I will try to be a good girl and take care of everything here just like you taught me.

I hope you're having A Most Excellent Adventure on The Other Side! If you see Kammy, Delilah and Ella, please say hi for me. Until I see you again, much love to you and Mr Piglet too - 

your friend on This Side, Georgia Little Pea xox

p.s. The Typist says to remind you to give Mr Piglet her message. I bet you thought you'd heard the last of her nagging.

*            ***

A big thank you to everyone for your lovely messages.

Thank you especially to Chandra, Kristine, Houndstooth, Kim and Si for sharing Rufus' story on your blogs. [Sorry if I missed anyone.]

Love and peace :) xox

UPDATE Saturday 14th May   Blogger was down all of yesterday and still seems a bit sickly today. I updated this post on Thursday with some sad news I received from a blogger friend from India, but it seems to have disappeared. So I'm going to re-publish it. I'm telling you this in case that post re-surfaces.

Rajashree lost her red dog, her Lalee on 11th May. It was tragic and sudden. Unlike me with Rufus, she had no time to prepare or brace herself. Having gone through the same sudden loss with Jordan, I have a very good idea of how gutted she must be.

There's nothing I can say, except to send her my love. If you should like to as well, here is the link.

At a time like this, I know exactly how wonderful virtual hugs and love can feel.


bermtopia said...

Welcome back, Ms GLP -- it is good to read your posts. I keep a photo of Mr. T by my Blue Blankie to remind me To Be Myself At All Times.

That being said, I currently am in a Heap 0' Trouble for digging A Hole (well, actually three holes) in the Two-Legged Missus' flowerbed over the last year. You would think people would notice things like this.

Enough about my troubles. I am GLAD you are back.

Very sincerely yours,

Ben in Bermtopia

Jan said...

What a beautiful letter. I know Thumper is proud of you to have learned so much.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to know what to write in a stupid little box on the computer.

it always feels trite and goofy, but my heart squishes for you.

Mr T will like his letter I am sure, and Georgia must like the extra attention and duties now she is top dog.

hero said...

That's very nice of you to write a letter to Mr. Thumper, Georgia... and I'm sure he is reading it with Mr. Piglet after running around a flowering meadow :) You are all grown up and ladylike now, Georgia... with new roles to play at home... like winking.

Licks, hero

houndstooth said...

I'm so happy to see you back, Georgia! I am glad you let Mr. Thumper know you have everything under control now. I'll be that lets him enjoy his adventures on the other side without worrying!


Anonymous said...

Gee Georgia, I think you are doing an amazing job taking care of your humans so well despite missing Mr T with all your heart. I haven't seen you in so long and was REALLY excited when my SAHH mentioned your name yesterday. I couldn't find you at first and then..... there you were....crouched down in your pounce position at the PIT. Your SAHH is really COOL, I have never had so many yummy treats off a humans plate before. It was a little strange not having Mr T there with us though, he was always so well behaved and sensible, putting up with our raucous behaviour and exuberant play.
Hope our SAHH get together again soon.
Love you lots Tara xox

chandra said...

although you're a lady who lunches now, GLP, it's very sweet of you to make time to write mr. thumper. he and Mr. Piglet are surely having a most excellent adventure but i bet he's very glad to know you're taking care of your favorite one ... and he's very proud of you.

the other day i was poking around for your typist's best chocolate cake in the world recipe and i ran across some of your early musings on RBT: "On what it's like to be the ugly step-sister." made my day.

you're the lady of the house now, georgia ... wink, wink!

big hugs for each of you and to the excellent adventurers, too!
-c at ddy.

Happy.Bark.Days said...

Hi Georgia Little Pea. It's nice to finally hear your voice. I was so saddened by the passing of Mr Thumper - I wish I had gotten to know him a little better before his last day on earth. Nonetheless, reading your letter to Mr Thumper has made me feel like I have a second chance at getting to know this old bird. Looking forward to your comeback on littledogsonlongleashes!

Pamela said...

Oh no, Georgia. You made me cry again. At least this time I hadn't put my mascara on yet.

I've really missed you and reading about your adventures. I'm glad you're taking such care of your people.

Lavi said...

I kept peeking at your posts from the reader, feeling a bit sad that there were no news. I'm happy to hear from you again. You sound like you feel a bit better. It's good to keep everyone happy and distracted from their problems.

I wanted to give you a little award. I hope you won't mind and that you'll accept it.

Jen said...

Ah Georgia, your letter brought tears to my eyes but it's good to hear from you again! I've missed you but I am glad that things are starting to be ok again. Lovely letter and I am sure Mr. Thumper.

Take care of yourself and your humans!!
Jen from the Black Dog Crew

georgia little pea said...

hi everyone,

thank you for the warm welcome - it's nice to be back :) almost 2 weeks already, how time flies. georgia is so far coping well and we're all doing okay.

thanks again for your comments and emails and for thinking of us.

HUGS, The Typist.

p.s. thanks lavi for the award! will check that out right now!

sagechronicles said...

Georgia! We are so happy to see you having fun and getting a little bit of that bacon. You wrote such a nice letter to Mr. Thumper. I know how much you miss him but I also know he's watching out for you! So, be sure to have a little extra fun just for him!

Juliette and Dougie said...

Nice letter to Rufus. Pleased to see you back typing - love the way you cross things out, then sneakily leave them in! Any news on that holiday you spoke about? You should, as you deserve it.

Kristine said...

I am very glad you are back as well. Even if it's made me cry at work. I don't mind. My officemate is out at lunch and can't see to make fun of me. The internet hasn't been the same without you but I understood you needed some time.

This was such a beautiful letter and I am so glad Georgia is doing well and performing her job of entertaining the humans. Maybe one day if I am lucky she'll show me how she learned to wink. No doubt Mr. Thumper would be very impressed with her new skill.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, never have we been so happy to hear from such a big and opinionated lady dog as you, Georgia! We are panting a sigh of relief that you are getting on so well being all grown up. What a nice letter-writer you are, too.

Sniffs and smiles,
Jon Farleigh and Dewi

Jean said...

Oh Georgia, how nice of you to write to Mr. Thumper. I bet he's glad to know you have things under control at home.
As for your humans being gone for several hours at a time now, Charley and Sadie suggest you use that time to hog their computer and practice your typing so you no longer need to rely on The Typist to blog for you. They are betting there are things you'd like to say that your Typist won't type. Arrroooooooo!

CindyLu's Muse said...

Hey, Georgia Little Pea! This is a happy day - you're back! We've missed you, as we miss hearing about Rufus. You're so smart, writing a letter to him. I'll have to get Mom to type one from me, too, 'cause we don't want him to forget us! Especially now that he's having a ball and feeling great.

Sounds like you're taking over the house and humans, making sure things go well. Good for you! Mom saw your mom's note - no thanks needed, we love you all!

Keep warm, ok? Wish we were closer, so we could have ladies' lunches's such a great idea! Take care, give your humans extra snuggles (and winks;D) from us!

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

Thats a great letter! We bet Mr. Thumper loved getting it. We hope you and your humans are doing okay! It is so hard to miss a family member, isn't it!

melF said...

Georgia - That was a most beautiful letter to Thumper. It was so nice of your typist to make sure he got it. I hope it will comfort you to know that in the book "Heaven is Real" the little boy who died and came back said dogs are in heaven. I have a feeling Piglet and Thumper are having a grand old time. :)

I am also so sorry about your friend in India. I would think a sudden goodbye would be worse. :(

What Remains Now said...

Georgia, what a nice letter to Rufus. Sounds like you are doing such a good job helping everyone through the sad time.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Such a poignant letter, Georgia. Very well said and written from the heart. I know your typist is still very sad (or else very busy with you?) as she hasn't been around much lately and we miss you guys. Hurry back and tell us your latest adventures or how much you still miss Mr T, anything you like:)

Laura said...

I am really hating technology. Through the internet I met you and got emotionally involved. Then in a time when I wish I could be around for you technology fails me and I am cut off.
I have been reading and catching up, through my tears. You did have the best times you could those last days. The house was filled with love. He lives on in your hearts.

Anny said...

That is a very sweet and touching letter to Thumper. I am sure he's very proud of you now that you are all grown up. It is a good thing they have you around to get them through this time. It will take a while for everyone to get better but it won't be long as you are doing a great job healing them all.

We got something for you from our last trip. Thank you for guessing where we went. You were spot on :) Please leave me your address at my email. We will mail it out to you as soon as we can. Our email is

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, heart-felt letter, it brought tears to my eyes. It shows how loved Rufus has been by all of you, and although life goes on and you're (hopefully) on the mend after losing him, he'll always be around and remembered. Beautiful post, Georgia & mum

Didi & George

Friko said...

Ah, so sad. I am glad Mr T. will not be forgotten.

Wait no more for No. 53, but now you have to come and read about me too, although my human gets to write all the posts and she rarely gives me a look-in. At least I've made her follow you.