Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Miss Independant. Or, Things I Am Learning #7.

Dear uncle STeve,

My Typist says you've been writing asking how I am. That's very nice of you.

I am fine, thank you.

I think my humans are up to no good though. I don't know what yet. No one tells me anything around here because I'm just a dog.

But they've been leaving me downstairs all by myself to sleep in the dark. Some nights I get nervous and run up the stairs to say "Please let me in. It's dark and I'm nervous." But the bedroom door is always closed. I don't know what I've done that they won't let me sleep with them anymore.

They leave me outside the house after brekkie too. I'm sure it must be for at least 1 hour, maybe even 2. It's a very long time to be in the cold with only a doormat to lie down on.
"Eeew. Is that a yucky slug?"

My stay-at-home human says I have to learn how to be i.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.a.n.t. so I won't be scared when I go to H.o.l.i.d.a.y.C.a.m.p.

What does she mean, uncle STeve? Would you please tell me if you know because the suspense is killing me.

Other than that, I think we're all doing okay. Please give Flash and Inky big hugs for me.

Much love, your Georgia Little Pea xox

p.s. My Typist says this is my new song. She sings it to me a lot. I don't think she wrote it though because it's too nice.


Happy.Bark.Days said...

Hi Georgia, I'm not a big fan of slugs either. You were pretty brave to have let it just slide right by you. Holiday Camp, huh? Oh, don't worry too much about it. Think of it as a vacation away from your humans... We all could use that once in a while ;)

Anonymous said...

uh oh.. holiday camp is another word for stalag 13
except there is no Schultz.

And I know all the words to that song..

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I love the way you've got your legs folded, Georgia, very cute:) Are pig dogs cute? I'm sure you'll enjoy holiday camp. Frankie loves going to his kennels cos he gets to play and play and run and play with other dogs:) I hope it turns out just as good for you too.

I know that song too ... and can remember seeing The Seekers singing it on TV. I'm THAT old, lol!

Anonymous said...

Dear People & Pooch, as always I was pleased to receive your latest Dog-Blog.

Does Doggy Holiday Camp = Human Getaway Holiday, hope so you deserve it.

Stay warm & well. Big hugs & best regards always STeve

Kristine said...

I know that song very well! In my high school play we had a big dance number to that song. It drove me crazy for a long time after. Now it just makes me laugh.

Holiday camp sounds pretty exciting. I think it's very smart of your humans to take some time to get you ready so all the excitement won't be difficult for you to adjust to. But don't worry, I think you are going to have a blast!

Jean said...

Well, there's a blast from my youth! That was one of my favourite songs for a while, and now it will be playing in my head for the rest of the day!
Georgie-girl, I know change can be scary, but put on your big-girl pants and hold your head high and prepare to have FUN at Holiday Camp. It will just be for a little while, and then your folks will come take you home again. And you'll make some new friends, I betcha!

Kenzo said...

Does the h.o.l.i.d.a.y. c.a.m.p. has a Typist too? If you would not like it we would still know and come and get you. Or at least join you in protest on their return :) Oops, did I just revealed what it means? sorry!

georgia little pea said...

oh no! i have a bad feeling about this now. B.A.Aaad :(

Elizabeth said...

Okay, the song reminds me of when I was way little and played all my parents' 33 LPs in my room. :) I only know the first line of this song, though. JF and Dewi don't have any songs. :(

Hmmm. Day care can be a fun time. Especially for the dog parents. (oops, did I say that?)

Georgia, I sure wish I could give you an ear scritch - you look plain pitiful in that last photo. :)

georgia little pea said...

BOL!!! and i thought i was the only methuselah here! :)

The Typist xox

What Remains Now said...

Holiday Camp! I hope it's a fun one! I'm sure you'll do very well and be very brave.

sagechronicles said...

Oh, Georgia. Don't be sad--I get stuck in Holiday Camp (well, that's what THEY call it) every now and then and, let me tell you, it was F-U-N. I didn't tell my hu-mans though because they might think I should be there more often! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures there!!

June said...

Oh, poor Georgia, having to sleep alone!
Have you tried scratching, scratching, scratching at the bedroom door? Sometimes humans worry more about their woodwork than they do their poor lonesome scared teeny tiny dogs. ;-p

Pamela said...

Poor Georgia, it's hard to learn new things sometimes.

Some dogs really learn to like being independent when it means they get a special toy or treat only when they're on their own.

I know you have a sensitive tummy so a Kong filled with frozen soup or peanut butter might not be a good idea. But if you just love a special toy or game, you should ask your Typist to give it to you only when you have to be independent.

And I bet if you get really comfortable with being on your own, your Typist will get nervous. I know she wouldn't want you to feel so good on your own that you thought you didn't need her anymore.

Of course, you'd never be that manipulative, would you Georgia?

BTW, you're lucky you have such a nice song. Poor Honey has to listen to me make up words about her to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody. And believe me, I'm no Freddie Mercury.

georgia little pea said...

ms pamela, that is the best idea EVA! i've never had peanutbutter before and am really keen to try because you know i love food.

my humans' way of teaching me how to be independant is to ignore me even when i stare and stare at them or look sad or scratch the door. they're not as thoughtful as you and very hard hearted. but it's okay. last night, i slept downstairs ALL night and didn't once try to go upstairs! i think i will soon be ready for the gulag. i mean holidaycamp.

Pamela said...

Good for you, Georgia, for doing so well on your own last night.

But don't be too hard on your people. They're forcing themselves to go away somewhere just so you get to have a fun time at holiday camp. You have no idea how much they're sacrificing for you.

Anny said...

Wow! A song all abouts you... we are singing it here too now...

now.. lets me tell you about summer camp... its a place where you meet other doggies.. and and you get to do lotta zoomies with other doggies.. and remember to wear "i love food" tag just in case they forget to feed you... and... i am sure your momma and daddy won't be gone long... they'll be back for you before you can say woof.

hope your momma found you a nice summer camp too... i had fun at my last one.

woofs n licks,

Anny said...

When we leave Piper for boarding, he usually brings a toy with him... or something from home. It comforts him.

Anonymous said...

Poor Georgia, it's not easy growing up and being independent, is it? Your mum must think you're a big girl now if she's considering sending you to holiday camp. Don't worry about that, you'll be ok there. I wouldn't be surprised if you'll like it better than at home, I've heard they spoil their guests rotten ;)

Juliette and Dougie said...

Yes well lots of dogs are going to holiday camp this time of year, Dougs doesn't know yet but I've got a luxury pet hotel lined up for him in a month's time! Toys from home are essential to take with you, as are some treats(maybe get the human to make some!).

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet GLP, I am sure your momma researched to find you the most fun Holiday Camp with the best treats and softest petting hands and the bestest belly rubs. You will not really be alone there. Just that your personal humans can not stay with you. I know they really really wanna.
It is time for you to get out and experience the world on your own in a safe (and pampered) way. If it makes you feel better some camps let you send post cards.

chandra said...

Ooh, GLP, every independent girl needs her own song and your typist and given you a REALLY good one! ... i'm wondering, though, why is the singer holding that huge bouquet of flowers?

most definitely try peanut butter, GLP. i think it beats street treats, although i can't say my opinion is from first-hand experience, thankfully.

-c at ddy.