Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Speechless Wednesday. [Or, how to get your day off to a really bad start.]

There aren't any words I can use in my family-friendly dogblog to convey how I feel about this.

When did we humans get so stupid?
Update 12.07pm  I have a word now. Sad. It makes me feel sad.


houndstooth said...

Oh. My. Dog! I'm not sure I have the words for that.

I would sure like to have a shot at a horse. They can run longer than I can, but I'm faster, so if I got the jump on one before it got too far, I bet I could take it! Well, that's my theory anyway.

Here's the story on my nail polish. Mom wanted to take a photo on Wednesday for this photo assignment she started doing online at The Daily Shoot. She had to take a picture of an edge, and she thought it would be more interesting if we painted our toenails and stood at the edge of the step. She's painted my toenails before when we visited the nursing home, so I'm kind of used to it. We had the Wellness Fair to go to on Saturday, so she figured she'd leave it on for that. Then, it came time to hike on Sunday and she said "Oh, it'll just wear off!" Anyroo, the last picture from today (which is now fixed) shows my muddy feet with the pink nails. And now you know! BOL!


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I can't think of anything publishable to say either, but there is steam coming out from the top of my head:(

Team Beaglebratz said...

Don't forget where/who sells those - I would hope that the citizens of the US would not belittle themselves that bad - but then the US just has people like M. Vick who
abuse-fight-kill dogs so people who do that are just as sicko as the ones in China. Or worse.

About your comment on our blog about Shiloh digging-getting loose; no, this is not a new behavior - he has been doing it since 8 - 9 months and he just turned 8 years. I don't know if using the rabbit fur tied to a pole will accomplish any type of re-training altho that would be a very nice bonus - the main thing I want it for is to entice Shiloh to run more - inside the fenced bakyard.

hero said...

Stupidity in an understatement for such people who thought of this as a marketing gimmick :(

Licks, hero

Jan said...

Nothing surprises me from *that* country. So then they carry around dead fish for a long time?

I do remember when baby turtles were sold with painted shells. They had short lifespans and carry diseases so thankfully that bit of cruelty was shortlived.

Life Student said...

Fish. In a keychain. Just awesome.

I'm trying to decide what's worse-- that or the rabbit's foot good luck thing... at least the rabbit is dead and not slowly starving to death... nope, can't decide.

Tell-A-Tale said...

The ones who make them and the ones who buy them should wear those keychains as nose rings. I'd be happy to yank the other end.

Elizabeth said...

They call themselves Amusing Planet? Hmm, more like sick dumb-as*es.

georgia little pea said...

@Elizabeth - actually Amusing Planet [link on my sidebar] makes all kinds of posts, mostly about the marvellous and amazing things that we humans are capable of [when not being stupid]. If you click on the site [maybe not today], you will see some truly remarkable stuff.

I believe their post today made mention of the poor state of animal cruelty laws in China. The site posts the bad with the good...I guess because that's what makes us human, if not humane.

Jean said...

I cannot comprehend the mind of a person who would dream up something like that, let alone a company who would actually sell it. For shame!

chandra said...

sad. cruel. despicable. i once heard someone make this comment and it comes to mind now: sometimes i'm embarrassed to be a human.

-c at ddy.

Karen friesecke said...

Sad is a good word. My word would be disgusted. *why* would anyone even want to buy something like that? It's total animal torture.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I remember a time when fish were swimming in earrings on the runway. And clear waterbeds were turned into aquariums. So it is not limited to one country.
I never thought people in the fashion industry had much common sense (or high intellect) anyway.

Pamela said...

Yes, it's cruel. And it's exactly as bad as the way food animals are treated in huge feed lots in the U.S. :(

That said, I think the best way to attack such a dumb fad is through ridicule. Someone with good photoshop skills could probably go viral with key chains that have people in them and bring attention to this bad idea for a quick profit.

georgia little pea said...

@dogsmom - fish in earrings and waterbeds?! :(

I know it used to be quite the thing to have a fishtank in offices. The ones that particularly irked me were the tall cylindrical ones where the fish had to swim up and down with no space to maneuver sideways. And while we're at it, there used to be a shark kept in a small tank here in Sydney at a pub/hotel.

You're right. This kind of stupidity isn't limited to any one country.

georgia little pea said...

@Pamela - that is a really good idea! Ridicule and embarrassment just might work! Unfortunately, I have no such skills :( perhaps someone who has, will work on it and send it out there. It might save a lot of fish, turtles and lizards.

Kristine said...

I used to work at a hotel and my primary job was to serve, set-up, and support weddings. Unfortunately, for not one but at least three weddings, I distinctly remember goldfish being used as part of the centrepieces. Yes, live goldfish as decorations for the tables.

Given the typical drunken debauchery of most weddings as the night goes on you can only imagine how most of these fish ended up.

I won't say any more.

Pup Fan said...

There are no words. That is horrible.