Friday, April 1, 2011

Snippets of summer #2

Maybe you think my out-at-work human is very hardworking. It isn't always true. Here's what he was doing last Friday.

I don't like swimming much, but I had a lot of good times at the beach over spring and summer.
October 2010, Illoura
This was a great day I had with Tara, Sammy, Molly and Scotty.
This was another fun day.
After my fight with Sammy, Tara stopped wanting to play with me. That was sad. She was my Very Best Girl Friend. But I understand. Sammy is her housemate.

I haven't seen Tara in ages. I hope she's well and happy.
Callan, January 2011Some days, it was just Mr Thumper and me at the beach.
One day, we met a very hot dog.
There were many extra hot days this summer.

I just thought of another thing I like about autumn and colder days.

I won't have to hear my humans yelling, "You can do it, Georgia! Go on! Swim!" every time we go to the beach.

It may be hard for them to understand, but sometimes, a dog just wants to relax and breathe in some sea air. 

Could us dogs really be getting more beaches to play on?


And on a completely unrelated subject, I just read this shocking post on dog nutrition this morning that I had to share. It's information every dogowner has a right to know.


Bermtopia said...

Sigh. That is entirely too much water for a Dog Who Does Not Like to Even Get His Paws Wet. I think I would need a beach towel.

Ben in Bermtopia

sagechronicles said...

Well, I just loooook at that water and am ready to jump in! We're creeping slowly towards summer here (it was 62 F today, the highest temp. of the year so far) and I heard Mom say we are going to 1000 acres tomorrow! Whoohoo. Wish you could come with me, Georgia!

Pamela said...

What a little bit of heaven. We have snow here so I watched the sailboats 3x with a big sigh. What a beautiful day.

And then, following it up with puppies at the beach! Sublime.

It's nearly wonderful enough to make me forget the "nutritional advice" you linked to at the bottom. I hate April Fool's day.

houndstooth said...

I am glad you won't have to try swimming anymore for a while, too, Miss Georgia!

BOL! I just read Hero's blog! Mom was gagging and almost retching! Totally hilarious!


georgia little pea said...

Shhh.. sh..hhh! I don't think I've been so fooled since I was in school which as everyone knows, was a long, long time ago.

Even as a butt-squeezing, poop-cleaning dogblogger, it was an eye-opener. Another one of those posts I wish I'd thought of! :)

Anonymous said...

i am sensing a pattern here . . . a nice summer day = dogs playing on beach!
we are dreaming of summer here on the north side . . .


Anonymous said...

Well that brings back a memory or two!! Ahh the good old days Georgia..... Loves and kisses Tara (long lost friend :[ )

georgia little pea said...

@ Aleksandra - leaving our shores and coming your way soon :) thanks for dropping by!

@ Tara - My Typist was just remembering how I would go pester my humans every day from 3. Just to be sure I got to the park on time to meet you. And Father Jack, Poppy and all the old gang. *sigh* We were so young then.

chandra said...

GLP, that video clip looked like a business meeting to me!

Your fight occurred before I was following your blog so it was my first time ready about it - that was scary!

The dog nutrition link? A. Maze. Ing.

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

Really, C? I feel like I've known you forever! :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Hey Georgia, just read about your fight with Sammy:( I hope you both get to be friends again eventually. And I still haven't had a chance to look back and find out why you've got 2 days to go before you can eat a chicken wing ... but I will!

Yes, I got sucked in too at Hero's!! I nearly didn't scroll down, I think I would have had nightmares if I hadn't!

A couple of questions you asked, yes, I sure did blog about Beryl having to part company with her tail, it happened 4 weeks ago today. There is only one advantage to her having a little nubbin now which is that I don't have to worry about shutting the car door on it any more ... and no, that's not what happened, lol!

And Greyhounds aren't renowned for enjoying the water, or swimming anyway. I do want her to know how to swim in case she falls in the river when it's deep or something. So today when she jumped into the sea thinking it was shallow and managed to swim out I was glad to see she didn't panic and I didn't have to rescue her, cos I was too busy taking photos!!

Beryl and I are both Aussies, BTW, and I'm loving your beach photos! The golden sand and clear water, so much nicer than the black sand and somewhat murky seas here. Can't say I miss the bugs from the previous post though;)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Me again, Georgia. I should have just written you a blog post, lol! Frankie would probably share his fish with you, he's very good with any food except a possum he's caught himself. Although a raw fish carcass might come into that catagory in his mind? Beryl doesn't like to share, Frankie couldn't understand her to begin with. He does now, he has his tea in her crate with the door shut and that was his idea!! Ruff tuff pig dog - NOT!

georgia little pea said...

Oi, no kidding! I love NZ though. We drove around South Island for a month some years back, it was GORGEOUS!

I'm glad Beryl didn't get her tail nipped by YOU. I was thinking that when I read your next sentence :p I'll go back and try to find the month old posts. Good to know she's recovering.

I know what you mean about panic in water. That precisely why we want Georgia to learn how to swim. She obviously doesn't really enjoy it, but just getting her used to it in case of emergencies would be fantastic. Our
last dog, Jordan, fell into a creek once on a reserve walk and everyone panicked. Him and us! I don't think he ever recovered from it, and though he
was part lab and LOVED water and getting wet, he never learnt to swim.

The bugs ai ai ai. When will it ever get cold enough for the mozzies to DIE!!!

georgia little pea said...

@greyhoundsCANsit again - Hey! Don't knock us ruff tuff pig dogs please! Frankie just likes to dine in a private room. Nothing wrong with that :)

Forgot to tell you, I've been on pap for a while now because I keep eating stuff like dead possum, fat and dripping, dried bait, etc. I swallowed a yum rat tail a few days ago too. One of the kind hearted street cats must have left it for me. My Typist ALMOST dragged it out my throat but she was too slow haha. Tell Frankie to be careful or he might end up with a bad tum like me. I hope everything goes according to plan so I get my chicken wings again. I am so over pap.

A NOTE from My Typist:
As I type this, The Other Half is off to set another rat trap *sigh*. Anyone would think we live in a dreadful filthy hole :p

Kristine said...

Georgia, you are right. You can so totally swim! I loved that video. It looked like you were having so much fun. I am going to show it to my dog. Maybe it will help convince her that water and molten lava are two different things.

I hope the summer lingers just a little longer!

Peggy Frezon said...

It's still cold here so I love seeing the nice summer posts. It looks like you have a great time on the beach no matter what. No need to swim if you don't want to. Just dip your toes in and cool off. Seeing all those dogs swimming and playing together is so much fun.

Elizabeth said...

OMG, Georgia, no you di-n't!!!! I was just enjoying the lovely boats and beach scenery and then, >BAM<, throw-up time! Not the funny throw-up either! bleh!

georgia little pea said...

@Elizabeth - are you talking about the NUTRITION POST? You MUST read it to the end, for your own good. It's hard I know, but I don't think you'll regret it.

Elizabeth said...

Georgia, we did realize the nutrition article was a little "off" before we got to the end, but EW! Disturbed! (hee hee)

Jan said...

It's too chilly here to think of swimming, but we can't wait. Actually Timmy can wait, he doesn't even like to get his paws wet on the morning dew and he growls at his water dish if it splashes him. Misty the alpha Poodle only has to see water and she's there. Funny how different Poodles can be.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Love the videos and all photos, Georgia!
Looks you had a fun time at the beach with your friends. Lucky you!