Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scarlet, The Hallmark Dog.

Recently, my stay-at-home human met a lady at the park who met a lady in the Blue Mountains who has a dog named Scarlet.

Scarlet is fabulously famous for being on a Hallmark card. I haven't seen it but I understand she's holding a rose in her mouth in the picture.

My stay-at-home human would never have thought of something pretty like that!

She does have a picture of me with a bone though, and wonders if Hallmark might be interested.
Is there a market for invites to The Butchers' Ball, you think?
The Talented Mr Prab took some pictures of me not too long ago. I was still skinny then. My stay-at-home human thinks the pictures are beautiful and might be my passport to fame, fortune, or at the very least, some extra chicken necks. 

I fear she's a bit deluded as to how interesting and attractive I really am.

Thanks Mr Prab for trying your best!




Anonymous said...

you're beautiful to me georgia! I would put you on a card any day xx
PS it's not all about looks anyway; what you lack in beauty you make up for in wit and charm.

georgia little pea said...

dear cinderella,

let me get this right...so you're saying i'm NOT beautiful?