Saturday, March 2, 2013

When the cat's away.

My brother has still not been discharged. A complication that he can't explain to me, or doesn't wish to. Nothing serious, and hopefully, he'll be home by Sunday or Monday. Thank you, everyone, for asking after him.

Meanwhile, I'm taking the opportunity to do a little cleaning and cooking. Like many people who live on their own, my brother is used to his mess and can get a bit huffy when he sees me scrubbing and tidying, so just as well he's not here.
I hope my brother doesn't notice I've shredded the cushion cover on his favourite easy chair. It was grubby! I had to chuck it in the machine! Needless to say, I'm never mentioning this post to him and, with any luck, he won't smell the fresh detergent fragrance now emanating from what's left of the cushion cover.

Jean, I'm doing my best to use water like a Rwandan (though I might have blown it by doing 3 laundry loads in 2 days). The storms that soaked Brisbane last week blew out the hot water heater pilot flame and apparently, I'm too stupid it's too complicated for me to light it again. So I'm counterbalancing the excessive washing by having very short showers. Don't ask me why I would need hot showers in the sub-tropical north but I do.

Look what I had for dinner! I think it would be too cruel to eat something like this in front of my brother (whose fortnight supply of light and easy healthy meals were delivered this morning), so I had it today (followed by a slice of fresh cream cake.)
It's chilly, honey, sesame and pepper shredded beef. Deep fried (I think), crispy, sweet, savoury, hot. I first had it maybe 10 years ago. I'll never forget the moment. It was in a Chinese retaurant in a small rural town called Biloela in central Queensland where a cousin lives. We'd just come home from a deep sea fishing trip to Swain's reef, aborted after the seas got too rough. I couldn't eat enough of it! and when we got back to Brisbane, I was thrilled to find it in a Chinese restaurant near my brother's place. Unfortunately, we've not managed to find any in Sydney so if anyone reading this knows a place, email me. PLEASE!

That's it for this quiet Friday night. Thank you for keeping me company. Have a great weekend, and for those of you living in the northern hemisphere who've been so looking forward to it... Happy Spring! X

P.S. I'm told my dog is missing me. BWAH haha!

Miss you too, Georgia! 


GizmoGeodog said...

Of course Georgia's missing could she you miss her too...That dinner looks's a dish I've never heard of before...think they'd do a takeout order to the states? Using water like a Rwandan must be a difficult adjustment...My favorite way to conserve is to never water my lawn...too much work anyway and it's one time laziness is a good thing :) Best wishes to your brother and hope they spring him soon

What Remains Now said...

Sorry your brother had a little set-back, but hope that he gets to come home soon. I don't enjoy cleaning my own home, but I do kind of like cleaning up others. Probably because I only have to do it once.

You made me laugh out loud when you said I was a magpie of the highest order! That is probably the BEST and most ACCURATE description anyone has ever given me. So true!

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

He's probably not going to be happy to find you are cleaning everything - but then again - he is a make and they don't often notice such things :) I can't believe you can't good chinese in sydney - when we were there asian food was the only thing we could find (which I don't like!) - in fact we had to hunt high and low to find somewhere that served evenly remotely australian food !

H and Flo said...

Sorry things aren't going quite as smoothly as they could with The Frugal One's recovery but at least you have an idea as to when he'll come home. As for the sub-tropical north... when I lived in Brisbane I found it rather chilly, but I understand that I'm a lightweight namby pamby. Pilot lights are a pain in the bahoochtie... no two are alike and if you screw it up then there is a possibility of causing an explosion...

PS BTW, If you need a cake fix and can't have any in front of your brother, The Three Monkeys at West End is fabulous. :)

georgia little pea said...

GIZMO, Georgia lives for her Cushion. I am important only at meal times. Lawns are the worst guzzlers. Good on ya for neglecting it!

LORI, I never thought of it that way. I find it quite hard because my first impulse would be to throw away a lot of things I see here!

REILLY AND DENNY'S MUM, modern Australian food is fusion food. I love my sushi, chicken tikka masala wrap and kimchi pancakes! When truckies and tradies debate where to get the best laksa, you know local taste has changed ;)

H, a good cake place! Thank you!. Unfortunately, this toe is doing me in and I'm sticking to shuffling around the neighbourhood (for the time being) unless I need to get somewhere. An explosion eh. Maybe that's why my brother didn't want me mucking around. Such little faith.

Jean said...

As long as Georgia is just missing you, and not missing (period), then all is right with the world. I hope you left strict instructions with the Cushion re keeping an eye on her. :)

In my limited experience, sick males are the grumpiest beings on earth, so enjoy your time alone before The Frugal One comes home. And lets hope he's too unobservant to notice the clean but threadbare cushion cover.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Querida Georgia,
I am glad to know that your brother will be home by Sunday or Monday. It's a great new for sure

The dinner looks delicious!

I bet that dear Georgia is missing you so much. The photo looks she is asking... "Where is Mom?"

altadenahiker said...

Oh, you're a good sis. We're going to be Rwandans out this way, too; rainfall has been really stingy this year.

Best wishes to your brother.

Kristine said...

Awww, that picture of Georgia is so sweet. I am sure she is missing you greatly! Who else would she tease or pester for treats?

That meal looks delicious! It's making me hungry and I just ate lunch. When is dinner?

I hope your brother continues to recover and doesn't notice how you've tidied his living space. It's very kind of you to take care of him in this way.

Anonymous said...

What a good sister you are. He probably appreciates you more than you know. Hope things work out well for him and a speedy recovery.

Yay, spring...Our turn now.


Pamela said...

Georgia probably smelled that decadent beef dish you were eating.

BTW, if you tell your brother you were eating beef, he probably won't care about the cushion. Do you have any idea how much water it takes to raise a pound of beef? :)

animal lover, quilt lover said...

I don't like to clean house!!!!! When I was young I cleaned it but NOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't like to clean mine or anyone's!!!! Too old I guess!!! I wish someone would come and please clean it up!!!!! LOL I don't have anyone in my life that would!!! Darn!!!
Hope your brother is doing better!!

Amy said...

I'm glad you're brother's doing well and that you're having a little fun spiffing up his place while he's away. I'm sure Georgia is lost without you, poor girl. No doubt Cushion is doing his best to cheer her up in your absence. She'll be thoroughly and completely spoiled when you get home.

Patrice and Higgins said...

Awww, Georgia is missing you!!! I hope your brother gets to come home soon!!


georgia little pea said...

Dear JEAN, apparently Georgia had a bad tummy the day I flew out and Cushion had to very quickly learn how to make instant oats. Poor Cushion, poor Georgia ;) Sick men are a pain. I live with a sickly one, so I know. Guess I'll be getting an irate text from Cushion when he read this!

SONIA, hard to believe the picture was taken just 2 months ago, on our way home from visiting my brother over Christmas. So much has happened in that time.

ALTADENAHIKER, you can come and take some of our water. Please! Have you seen our flooding on the news? :(

KRISTINE, it really came as a surprise to me when Cushion called to say Georgia was missing me. She's daddy's girl and usually doesn't give me the time of day unless she wants something ;)

JAN, I am quite distraught that so much of our summer got washed away. After a day of sunshine on the 28th, it hasn't stopped raining here. I will have to depend on piccies of all your northern hem spring flowers to perk me up.

Now, now PAMELA. Don't you go giving me a guilt complex. I eat beef very rarely, maybe once a month. This is Such A Treat for me! Like Georgia finding roadkill. Besides, I'm stretching my takeaway over 2 days ;)

FERN, you're funny. Your house must look like my brother's. I'm much more relaxed about cleaning than I used to be. Living with dogs, you have to let go or you'll go mad!

AMY, she'd better not be spoilt! Or fat! Or dirty! And her bed better be clean too! All the things I'm in charge of ;) Goodness! did I just tell Fern I'm more relaxed about cleaning these days?

HIGGINS, he's wishing the same for sure!

Jen said...

Oh boy, that shredded sesame etc. Beef sounds AMAZING.

Ruby said...

Oh, what a sweet doggie face!! I love that pic...and OF COURSE she is missin' her Moms!!
Oh, that is so funny how you say that peeps who live alone get used to their true!! I thinks Gpa has almost every space covered with somethin'! And, also, he doesn't like me 'cleaning' either!
So funny.
Hopes your brudder is out of that nasty hospital soon! Keepin' my paws crossed!
pees: that dinner looks DELISH!!

Karen said...

Careful with the pilot light. My friends Mom burned her eye brows clean off when she tried to re-light their furnace pilot light. :0

The beef looks so yummy, I want some right now, but instead it's chicken takeout. Maybe tomorrow. Have you ever gone for Korean BBQ? Now that's yummy!!!

houndstooth said...

Aww, Georgia! What a cutie she is!

I am sure your brother won't notice any of the changes you've made, nor will he read about it here on the blog! lol I hope he's home and resting soon. I know hospitals are no place to rest.

georgia little pea said...

JEN, without exaggeration, my favourite thing to eat. having leftovers today.. tastes good cold from the fridge too. Still crispy!

Dear RUBY, if we put all our messy grandpas and brothers together, you think they'd notice the mess? ;)

KAREN, after H's explosion comment and your friend's burnt eyebrow, I'm happy to have cold showers. I HAVE been to Korean BBQ. OMG! Beef ribs bulgogi! Thanks to a Korean capoeira mate, I'm becoming more adventurous with their noodles and side dishes too. If you get a chance, try kimchi pancake! if its well made and die for (I say this and I dont even like kimchi). I've also discovered it's easy to cook Korean at home. Lots of sauces and marinades come out of jars! Taste just as good.

BUNNY'S MAMA, for someone who doesn't notice his own mess and the mildew on his walls, my brother is otherwise surprisingly observant. Let's hope he doesn't get a heart attack when he notices his pet dustballs gone! :)

Rose ~ from Oz said...

I've got a stinky headache (tropical heat I"m sure) so am unable to participate in hilarity, witty comments or enlightening information. But I am reading......
I am suffering.....
Hehehehe -quiet laugh- its hurts to laugh, but you and 'H' are sooooo funny (in the last post - airports etc) hehehehe
that's it I'm done Im exhausted.
Poor brother he'll be good you'll see.

georgia little pea said...

Poor ROSE. I wish you could send some tropical heat over to Brissie. I was actually cold last night! Didn't think to bring anything warm of course. Take care, drink lots of water! That works for Cush when he gets headaches. Hugs X

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your brother is soon to be home, my nan finally came home yesterday after 2 months in hospital, its such a relief for all the family. big hugs to you and the furry ones! xxx

sonia a. mascaro said...

Querida amiga,
Just stopping by to send many hugs!
Hope you and your brother have a very nice weekend.

georgia little pea said...

LULU and SONIA, thank you. Lulu, 2 months! I bet your nan's very happy to be home in her own bed. Hugs X

sagechronicles said...

OK, you made me seriously hungry. That does look yummy! Of course, I'm a fan of just about any type of food, as long as it's well prepared.

I know only too well how certain of the male species clean. coming home to a clean house will be a joy, even if he doesn't express it!

Awwww. And I bet you miss Georgia.

chandra said...

I'll be so glad when your brother is home, Typist. And we'll keep our paws crossed here that you don't get busted for shredding the cushion!

I would like some of the chilly, honey, sesame, pepper, and deep fried part of your shredded beef dinner.