Sunday, March 3, 2013

If only dogs could speak.

In my last post, I mentioned how Georgia is (apparently) missing me. Many of you thought that was to be expected. Well, I didn't expect it! Georgia is daddy's girl and usually does a good job of ignoring me. There are only 2 times in the day when I become the centre of her universe. 1. When it's time to eat. 2. When she's sick.

Number 2. surprises me. Considering how close she is to Cushion, you'd think he'd be the person to go to when she's feeling crook and needs someone to wipe her butt or vomit, or hold her paw as she goes up the treacherous garden steps in the dark of the night to do a chuck up or wet one. My theory is that Cushion has whispered in her ear that if she really truly loves him, she'll let him sleep and wake me up instead.

So yes, it was a surprise to me that (he thinks) she's missing me. This is why he thinks that -

On the first night I was away, she didn't follow him upstairs to bed as she normally does. After I don't know how long downstairs, she did go up to the bedroom. Cushion of course instantly invited her up to his bed for a cuddle. Normally, she would jump up (if you remember, I wrote a Small Stone about that). That night, she looked at him, looked at my empty bed, then went to her own bed in the corner and spent the night there.

Wow. I feel so loved.

Yesterday, fresh news came about how clever daddy's girl is at communicating.

It's been raining in Sydney. Cushion thought it was too wet to take Georgia out for her morning walk. She didn't complain and all was quiet and good for a while. Then, I'm told, missy went up to Cushion, put her paw on his lap, turned round to look at her butt, then back at him. In short, he believes she was telling him she needed to go out to do a poop. (So he did, deciding to drive to a less swampy park, and it stormed on them and she refused to get out of the car, but that's another story.)

I'm not making this up. I think Cushion might be though.

Do you think he got it right? That Georgia was trying to say what he thought she did? Do your dogs communicate in strange or funny ways?

It's been pissing down here nonstop for the last 43 hours. I could do with a laugh.

"If I could speak, Typist, I would be telling you in no uncertain terms that you're not feeding me enough. 40.6 kilos? Come on! What sort of a nutritionist are you? I should be 42 at least!"

(Sorry, using the only pictures of Georgia available to me on the iPad which happen to be ones taken over our Christmas holidays in Brissie. Georgia had a weigh-in at the vet's yesterday and has lost 3 kilos over the last 2 months. My fault of course. I'm sure it has nothing to do with her fish hook episode, scavenging and perennial bad tummy. Oh no. It's always the cook's fault.)


What Remains Now said...

Sometimes people and situations grow on you. Maybe that's what's happening to Georgia with regards to you (ha). Honestly, I can see her missing you very much. She has grown up a lot in the last year or so, and sometimes that's what it takes to appreciate the things and people who mean so much to us.

Regarding The Elvis...It is a smoothie. More like a milkshake. I forgot to snap a picture of the description from the menu because I thought I could find it online, so I can't remember exactly what's in it. Also, for $2 they'll add a shot of espresso. I should try that, but I'm scared. I'm generally up until 2 am without espresso. With espresso?????

H and Flo said...

Awwww... maybe she really does miss you. Sounds like her chi is off. Perhaps she's lost all that weight SINCE you went because C is a bit crap at the whole feeding thing? Perhaps she's pining. Maybe she'll be emaciated by the time you get home.

Here'a story (kind of related in a round about way) which I hope will make you laugh. I believe it is true, but can't say for certain. I hope it is.

A bloke was driving from Edinburgh to Aberdeen with his wife and they stopped to fill up with petrol. He was filling up and asked his wife to go in and get some Polos (the mint with the hole). Anyway, he nipped in too, paid and headed back off up the road. After about an hour and a half he felt like a mint. That is when he realised he'd driven off and left his wife at the petrol station. :D Obviously they weren't big talkers.

I think there may be a link to Georgia missing you... maybe it's a bit like a back handed compliment more than anything!

Hope it stops raining soon!


Jean said...

I think Georgia was giving Cushion the canine version of the middle finger when she indicated her butt. Like, You a**, why aren't you taking me for my walk? Heheheheheh!
Here, the sun is out, I saw little green leaves opening on the bushes today, and spring is in the air. Forget your brother and come for a visit!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

'morning T, been raining and thundering all night here but the sun is shining this morning and I'm not too excited about that because it mean fresh HUMIDITY. bah.
I don't doubt for a single second that Ms Pea misses you dreadfully. I reckon she keeps her affections for you hidden a little because you are the (other) female in the pack. But the love is still there. From a dog's perspective I think it makes perfect sense. Sleeping in the corner proved that her world is not feeling right. Do you talk to her on the phone so she can hear your voice, she smart enough to realise that you haven't disappeared for good.
As for the doggie communication - I think they communicate directly and intelligently by looks, body language and sound most of the time but it takes 'smart' humans to pick it up and act on it. I have watched humans completely and amazingly totally miss their dog's direct communication and it has left me both astounded and very sad for the dog. Thank goodness for people like US and everyone who is friends of this blog!

Pamela said...

Of course she misses you. But you couldn't expect her to show her love for you when you're around to enjoy it. After all, you might take her for granted.

As for whether looking at her butt signified she needed a visit outdoors? Well... I'd think it's more likely she had just fluffed and was admiring the evidence (no matter how faint). It just seems like a pretty abstract form of communication for a dog, no matter how exceptional.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh gosh, just a bit more on this doggie-communication, I've observed in families where the dog's communication is (mostly) ignored the said dog stops trying. In my case say with the Team, they were so completely used to their (totally amazing) communications being responded to that if I did ignore a communication (because for example my back was turned) they would persist and would never not persist. (I did tell them many times that I do not have eyes in the back of my head)


georgia little pea said...

LORI - peanut butter, banana and expresso blended into a smoothie? The mind boggles. Must try!

H - how is that story related again? Never mind. I got a giggle and that's what's important at this moment because it's still chucking down and I just spoke to my brother and he's not good to come home today. Argh argh argh. Chi is off indeed!

JEAN, that is an excellent interpretation! And maybe an ant crawled up her butt at that precise moment. God, I miss summer, green, the sun! I wish I'd brought a sweater.

georgia little pea said...

G'day ROSE. I can see your migraine is gone this morning! I did speak to missy on the phone. It was sadly a one-way conversation ;) I do notice that if you do not respond to a dog's communication, they give up after a while. It's a great training tool and exactly what I do when Georgia comes begging for food while I'm eating, or if she harasses me for her brekkie/dinner. I fear however, that she is a persistent little cuss. Hmmm. That "other female in the pack" theory is very interesting indeed.

PAMELA, for a moment I forgot that fluffing was how polite people describe farting LOL. Could be. She does look at her butt when she's done an exceptional one. However, I shall choose to believe my dog is exceptional. BWAH haha!!! BTW, have you read that "food in the dark" report about dogs' cognitive abilities?

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

You know dogs have the strangest ways of talking to us - if we listen. Reilly is a 100% dad's boy - he adores him - but he also knows his dad is the alpha dog so it stands to reason he's the one to looks up too. But I am the one who he spends all day and though he's not a cuddly boy with me - like he is with his dad - he's ALWAYS close to my feet, if I move - he moves, it is me he knows that feeds him and looks after him, it is me that takes him everywhere - so I think in general - it is natural dog instincts at play - they are looking up to the dominant male even though we are usually the ones in charge.

H and Flo said...

Sometimes you don't realise what people do for you until they're not there... he didn't miss his wife until he needed a Polo... maybe Georgia has realised that your feeding and walking techniques/ reliability/ punctuality are better... that's the backhanded compliment! Sorry Cushion. :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely dogs can communicate and they wonder why we humans have to be so obtuse in understanding their language.

When we first got Misty as a 2 year old, she would do a little Poodle dance to show she needed to go outside. We had her do it several times because it was so cute. Finally she just squatted and peed. That got everyone's attention.

georgia little pea said...

REILLY/DENNY - "they look up to the dominant male even though we're the ones in charge" LOL. How bizarre that sounds, even if it's likely true!

H - Walking techniques? Before Cushion kills himself laughing, WHAT walking techniques? I'm going to bury it in this comment that I haven't properly leash walked Georgia in a year, since my knee went bad. Mind you, I'm back to capoeira. Something had to give, right?

JAN - I can just imagine how you must have scrambled when she assumed the position. Hahaha! Way to go Misty!

houndstooth said...

I think Georgia is missing you for sure. In her world, you and Cushion belong together with her. The fact that you aren't there means her world isn't right!

I've seen some of our dogs be very specific in getting their message across. Our first Greyhound was Treat, and she was a diva through and through. One October, it began to rain and it was of biblical proportions. It was nonstop for a week. Her Highness refused to go take care of business in the rain. We'd go out to the turn out pen, and she'd stand there with her eyes squinched shut refusing to go. This went on for days. I could see the wheels turning in her head -- the people have a place to go IN THE HOUSE and the cats have a place to go IN THE HOUSE and I a superior life form am expected to go out in the rain? Friday rolled around and hubby and I went out to see a movie. We came home to find that she had come up with her own solution. She'd gone down to the basement, where she never went voluntarily on her own, found the cat box, and peed in it. It flooded the cat box even, and the cats were NOT amused, but Treat was quite pleased with herself. How made could I get? It was better than going on the carpet upstairs!

georgia little pea said...

BUNNY'S MAMA - MUCH better than going on the carpet! Treat was a genius obviously. The cat box hahaha! If the rain had persisted, I'm sure she would have figured out how to use the flush toilet. Isn't it funny how dogs squint and bat their lashes and look tortured when they have to go do their business in the rain, but don't seem to have a problem with water when they're splashing around having fun in it?

ann @ studiohyde said...

I reckon she was trying to tell Cushion to take her for the 'necessaries' walk...Very clever girl Georgia well done.

GizmoGeodog said...

No doubt that Georgia is missing you...She knows there's someone important who's not around and it far as looking back at her butt...who knows what goes on in a dog's mind? But I do like Cushion's interpretation...The Elvis sounds wonderful

Dexter said...

Of course she misses you. Things just don't feel right. Sort of like when you walk into a house and you can tell nobody is home without even looking. And, yes, I do believe she was communicating her need to do her business.

Mango Momma

Tootsie said...

Dear Typist:

THIS IS TOOTSIE. (You are correct... Dachshund Daddy is doing our posts while Mom is on the road.)

GEORGIA sent me a dog-gram, and confirms that she misses you.

I know she misses you.

My mom knows this, too.

No doubt about it.

Wags and love,
Tootsie (and her mom)

Ann Oon said...

I bet she misses you. This is a sure win for you when you get home. She'll be so happy to see you, she won't leave your side ever again. Well...unless someone some cushiony person starts whispering in her ears... sweet nothings and sweet treats.
Hope your brother gets to go home soon... but its good to stay and get checked properly first.
Have fun doing more laundry and washing and thank god for the rain to fill up his tanks and thank you for missing us.

altadenahiker said...

Georgia's communication skills are far superior to Albert's. His major piece of sign language is to flap his ears. If he wants to go out in the morning: flap-flap. If he's in desperate need of relief at midnight: flap-flap-flap.

Ruby said...

Well, I actually DO talk to my Ma. Really. I have like a hundred different whines,barks, groans, etc. Mostly I'm just bossy, and am telling her I want more kibbles and to kick my ball. Butts I do check my hinnie after I fart, so maybe that's what Pea was doin'!! BOL

georgia little pea said...

Aha TOOTS! that was a clever bit of surmising then, on my part ;)

Dear ANNY, I think his tank is overflowing as are our dams, the rivers and streets! I should just hang the laundry out on the line and let the rain wash it.

ALTADENAHIKER - are you kidding me? I've never heard of flapping ears being used as a sign to go out before! I wonder how Albert worked that one out.

Berts Blog said...

OH isn't that sweet, Miss Georgia misses you. I often get a little jelouse of Goose's mom Pastor MIchelle, cuase when ever we all go on a hike, Bert followers her like she was the greatest thing on the earth. I know if we went to the cars to go home and Michelle asked him to go with her, he wouldn't even look back. He would jump in her car and be off to his favorite world of "a huna who does nothing but plays ball with him all day long"
But I am sure at some point, he would realize I wasn 't there and may possibly even miss me.

Bert's My Vickie

Taryn said...

With my guys....Wilson doesn't wait for anybody...Once he's sleepy, he heads upstairs and goes to sleep on the bed. Jimmy waits for whoever stays downstairs the longest. Probably not out of love but worry that that person might have a bedtime snack and he doesn't want to miss out :-)

sagechronicles said...

Georgia's world has been altered and of course she misses you. I too wonder why a little rain deters that needed trip outdoors, but said dog can wallow in mud or swim in icy cold ponds and love it. Of course, that's my Sage!

Rajashree Khalap said...

Of course she's missing you! Kiba ignores me a lot too, because I'm the one who does all the bad stuff to him like shampoo and feeding meds and vet visits. The husband does nothing for him except play fetch for a few minutes and do some belly rubs, but Kiba thinks he's god. BUT - Kiba's always thrilled when I come back home after a trip :) I'm sure he misses me a little bit.

Very glad your brother is better!

Peggy Frezon said...

I'm sure she misses you. Even if she's Cushion's girl, most dogs don't seem to like it when something is different. Kelly is horribly anxious when I'm away for more than a day. She sleeps by the door and stares out the door, I'm told. She doesn't do this otherwise.

Friko said...

Of course she’s missing you. Perhaps you are the pack leader and C. is just her fellow dogsbody? She obeys you but plays him for a sucker?

Hope she’ll put some weight on again. She’s been poorly and that’s surely the reason for the weight loss.
My Benno used to have permanent tummy trouble and he was definitely a scavenger. Perhaps the two were related at times.

Millie is a good girl, she’s fat, but she doesn’t pick up too many titbits out of doors, although she is mainly off the lead and I can’t always keep an eye on her.

georgia little pea said...

BERT'S VICKIE - Georgia's met someone like that! He spoils her with bikkies and she jumps into his car and tries to follow him home at the end of the walk. Are our dogs' hearts really ruled by fun and food, you think?

RAJ - Kiba's relationship with you and your hubby sounds EXACTLY like the one we have with Georgia! I suspect it's the same relationship a lot of human children have with their parents ;)

LetterstoAndrew said...

Oh I'm sure she's missing you. Despite what you might think they know when one of their pack is gone.

Hope your brother comes home soon!

Kirby andLea said...

bahahaha, that picture cracks me up!!!!!!!!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Hi T. just checking in to see if you're doing ok down there in Brissy and hoping brother dear is home and recuperating nicely under your guidance and care.
Thinking of you
Take good care.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Yah, not sure about that one either. I have no doubt she is missing you, but the looking at the butt thing? I don't know. My dogs always look at their butts when they pass gas...but maybe Georgia doesn't do that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Typist,

I'm sure Georgia misses you. As Rose from Oz says dogs do some serious communicating with looks and body language and sometimes humans are just a tad on the dense side and miss it. I had a friend who had a cat and a roommate.The cat didn't like the roommate. One day the roommate gave the cat a toy and the cat put it in the litter box! Can't miss that!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh no! a darn staph infection?!
The poor love could be there for weeks! That's most unfortunate for brother dear's recuperation period.
Thanks for the update and keep yer chin up sweetie.

3 doxies said...

Oooooh typist, ain't it wonderfuls to feel loved? Honestly I does think G loves you and of course, you probably did screw up her routine but nonetheless, totally clear signs she misses you. Nows bouts da butt...I looks at mine when I farts ot has to has da glands expressed. Sorry, you is wrong Cushion, G was just palyin' withs your head...bwhahahahahaha.


georgia little pea said...

Dear ROSE, thank you. Just checked, still not good. Weeks? That scares me because the hospital is where you pick up the staph. Right? :(

LIVIE, I might not be a cat person but I like that cat! Very good communication indeed!

chandra said...

I'm with you on your theory about Cushion's whispers. But I also think that GLP is indeed missing you.

When we visit my parents Mason soaks up their attention like a little sponge and often acts like I don't exist. But if I leave him with them, I'm told that he sulks and lies in the spare bedroom "waiting" for me.

I've often heard people always say that dogs live in the moment and that's one of the things that makes them better than people. Perhaps one of the ways we're alike is that they also take people they love for granted!

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

You might be right, MISS C. I've been away a week. Cushion says she's now in my front seat in the car and is contemplating taking over my bed. I think she's stopped missing me and is revelling in the moment ;)