Friday, November 30, 2012

That's life.

It's very hot today, expected to top 40 out west, and predicted to stay much the same over the weekend. I was sweating by 8, but strangely, it no longer feels quite as bad now at 2.

The heat must be making the pigeons cranky. The 1 flying decided to pick a fight with 1 of the ones on the wire.
A couple of others will not see summer.


The red algae bloom which closed beaches including Bondi, earlier in the week, seems to have dissipated. 
This pic from the Herald Sun link above.

In the day, the bloom looked like a scene from a horror movie.
This and more scary pics HERE.

At night, it was beautiful.
This pic by: Davide Gaglio,
CLICK HERE if you want to see a video of this blue light show.

Let's hope the bloom stays away from our beaches this weekend because when temperatures soar, that's where a lot of Sydneysiders end up.
This pic from HERE.


"I know how to keep cool when it gets hot."


 "This is not it!" 

"Seriously guys. Wouldn't a frozen bone have been simpler and just as effective?"

Sum*Mer is  here!


Mary Harnetiaux said...

Whoa. That red algae is pretty amazing stuff. Nevertheless, keep summer coming this direction. We're loving it in Bermtopia!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Gosh Ms Pea, your cooling soak looked a bit rough dear girl. Whatever happened to a little blow-up kiddie pool for you to loll in?? Ooooh so long as it doesn't get a red algal bloom - YUK. How interesting though typist, I followed your link and I was so surprised to read its a natural phenomena. I really didn't know much at all about it.
Haha, feisty pigeons you have over there, they're all love and peace here - oh yeah.
I reckon it's close on 40 here, we are currently inside (the Team too of course) with the split system cranked right up. Bliss. We are really getting a bit anxious about potential fires around the area, especially with it being more of the same throughout the weekend. Only takes one idiot chucking those darn butts out of their windows.
Stay cool over there!

georgia little pea said...

Hey QUEEN! I like your new look. Did you get a makeover while on holiday? :D

ROSE - I could have sworn I smelt smoke on my way back from Woollies this morning. Don't forget to hose down your roof and gutters and stay safe! X

Karen said...

I saw the pictures of the algal bloom today. My parents have a beach house in Florida & I have been there when there was a "Red Tide", which can sometimes be green. It wasn't as dramatic as the AU pictures, though.

Enjoy the warm weekend weather!

H and Flo said...

Natural penomenomenomenom or not, that is gross looking water. As for poor GLP... she does have a knack of looking like she's humouring you in all photos. Maybe if you filled Miss G's paddling pool and gave her a drink with an umbrella in it she might be more enthusiastic?

And 40 degs??? What's the deal with that? It looks like we might be the coolest (temperature wise, at least) place to be in Australia. I heard Birdsville has had 40+ days 8 days in a row. OUTrageous.

georgia little pea said...

H - Georgia is The Mistress of Dirty Looks. She hates her pipi paddling pool. I wish I could make her sit in it like Jordan used to. Darwin the coolest spot BWAH haha! What have we come to?

Lavi Boja said...

Brr, I wish we could trade places a bit, for us winter is just around the corner. I think I heard it ringing on the intercom just now :(
The blue glow is really beautiful, but it must be a pain not being able to go for a swim.
Georgia's look after being hosed down is so accusing. She does deserve a frozen bone (mm, ice cream for dogs?)

3 doxies said...

Dang, even pigeons is bullies. Maybe he just needs some therapy or anger management. Could be why I has started huntin' birds;)
Ummmm, even though da algae stuffs is normal it still be NAAAAAASTY lookin'...but freakin' amazin' lookin
at a weird sort of way.
Nows as far as da coolin' down withs da hose...OMD WHAT WAS YA'LL THINKIN'?????? You is gonna melt poor little Georgia. I mean it's obvious her is so sweet, just look at them eyes...hehehehehehe. Oh I cracks myself up.


georgia little pea said...

LAVI, Aschiuta's Lavi. Where have you been girl? How is As? This is my week for old blogging friends to pop in. Miss you, hope you come back and read this :)

What Remains Now said...

Wow, that was some pigeon fight. Heat make me grumpy too, but I haven't taken anyone out yet. I have never heard of the red algae bloom...fascinating! Georgia, what can I say...yet more evidence of what you have to endure. It may be helpful at the trial though, especially since The Typist insists on posting the evidence of abuse on your blog.

Patrice and Higgins said...

Wow, that red algae is so beautiful at night!! I have never seen that before! BOL, on the dead birds.......HAHAHAHAHA!!


Jean said...

Love the red algae photos - it is quite beautiful in a scary sort of way. We supposedly get 'red tide' here, when harvesting shellfish is suspended, but I've sure never seen it like that!
Thank goodness it never gets as hot as 40 degrees here. Anything over 24 is too hot for me.

Jan said...

We are SOOOO envious of your weather, but not the red algae. We have never heard of it, but it sounds intriguing and evil.

georgia little pea said...

MS LORI, you are so observant. The Typist is digging her own grave.

JEAN - 24? That's borderline nice for me! At 21, I'll likely still be wearing a sweater. How interesting that you get the red tide in your clement weather. I thought from what I've read that it was triggered by heat.

Amy said...

Georgia, that's quite a look you're giving The Typist after your cool down soak. BOL! The red algae is pretty horrifying during the day, but it's gorgeous at night. That's pretty neat!

Friko said...

poor Georgia, an enforced shower. Couldn’t they just have allowed you to go for a paddle?
Still, how to squeeze on more body onto that beach would be quite a problem.

Keep cool, dear girl,

lifewithmydogs said...

Oh I'm not looking forward to the heat, either! I tend to give the dogs a wash when it gets hot, because it does two jobs in one go!

Declan said...

You know something? It is so cold my gnadgers would have frozen off...if I had any.... Deccy x

Berts Blog said...

Boy, hot weather, fighting pigeons and really nasty looking red algie. YOu get to see the coolest things ever.

Boy we wish we could have seen that phenonomen (how do you spell that)

It really did look like a crime scene.

HOpe you get some cooler weather soon.


Oskar said...

Holy moly, your beach turned red. It looks cool, but I guess it's bad if no one can swim.

Nubbin wiggles,

chandra said...

Be careful of those birds, GLP! Do you think they're attracted to you because you smell like offal?

the red algae bloom was incredible.
happy summer!
-c at ddy.

yuki and rocket said...

wow! it's so strange how it's so hot on your side of the world when its winter, well as winter as it gets in the desert for me. im gonna go google that red algae, the glowing pic is so cool!

Dexter said...

Getting hosed off to cool down is really not my first choice either. I, too, prefer a nice dip in the nearest body of water. But not that red glow in the dark water, yikes!


Kristine said...

Gosh, I'd love some warm and sunny weather right now. I'd even just take the sunny part. So dreary here. Thank you for the photos, though. Even the ones with dead birds and bloody water. Now I can close my eyes and pretend I am in Australia. I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Wow, that red algae is intense! I'm sure you know lots of better ways to cool down, tell Typist and Cushion a tile floor works just fine.

georgia little pea said...

Haha KRISTINE! Just remember to watch out for our earthworms and gympie gympie and you'll be right ;)

Hound Girl said...

Wow that algae is amazing, it does look like a murder scene - I had no idea at night it would glow!

Here in Texas its hot, we are sweating and wearing shorts and flip flops while xmas tree shopping :)

My Life in Blog Years said...

Wow - those are some really great photos! That algae is really something isn't' it?

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Georgia,
Yes I don't feed enough to satisfy them so they still have to hunt for there dinner. There are foxes at the neighbor's so I do lost coons from time to.
Thanks for your visit!!

Kari in Vegas said...

That red algae is kinda scary

Stop on by for a visit